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Saturday, 13 June 2020


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I, for one, am looking forward to D&N being hijacked to Zog by a trollish conservative right wing hippie, yuppie, Libertarian or whatever SoD believes he is.

Old Duff for me, never trust a Marxist, Obamist Trumpist and Nixonianist revisionist like Zog. Or an EU supporter.

By the terms "Blighty" and "Gödel" shall ye know him.

And by the name "Son of Duff" shall ye know me.

"Duff the Younger", schw-ounger! We shall not countenance re-branding and revisionism here! Remember, you are a conservative (except Bob).

Son of Duff, descendant of Ap-Lake, Knight of the Round Table

SoD every time you list your lineage, I feel an urge to "stand to".

I'm not sure why you need titles such as "Duff the Younger" and "Duff the Elder". Take your cue from your blog title, you just have to decide who is "Duff" and who is "Nonsense". :-)

By the classic definition I'm more conservative than any of you illiberals. Sir SoD's posts should always begin with "Nyyyy".

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