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Friday, 05 June 2020


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This is the best summary I have seen about America today. This is not immediately fixable.

A Democrat of any name win in November will bring more Blue City "liberalism" to the rest of the nation that is still normal.

Oh, Tom, not Joe.

David, we agree on Trump's personality or lack thereof. He proves that in America a failed human being born with $200 million can still fail upward to become a failed president. However, you still can't seem to understand that the US doesn't have an organized left. There are a scattered group of lefties constantly bickering with each other. We have nothing like your Labour party.

It's not likely either Biden or Trump will be dumped. Biden is severely lackluster, but only has to be Not Trump. The Republicans are scared to death of crossing Donny, who is still popular with enough of the rank and file.

Thanks, Whiters', and I have given myself a hundred lines!

Bob, you do not want our Labour Party. They refused to accept the EU referendum result. They are inflicted with antisemitism (the Jew is to blame). The overwhelming majority of Labour Mps are not working class although they claim to represent the working class. We now have BLM protests and the Scottish Gov are not stopping them gathering enmass but us plebs have to obey the rules Strange times.


We don't want your Labour party either. It would probably be good for Britain to have parties with competitive ideas.

Boris has signed on with importing hundreds of thousands or millions of HongKongers. If that happens Brits will learn what it's like to live in a more diverse society. The UK is about 88% white. The US is about 76% white, but less than half of children under 15 are white. Everything changes.

Bob,if that is the case then our women are cheating!

There are a scattered group of lefties constantly bickering with each other. We have nothing like your Labour party.



Trump will do just fine in the next election. Every rioter's petrol bomb, every scoreline on George "the gentle giant" Floyd's criminal record, the extraordinary concoction of drugs he was on, his pushing a loaded weapon towards the pregnant womb of his female robbery victim, the fear of ordinary citizens as to what the rancid left would do to the US, plus the bounceback of the US economy that's already started, the gradual realisation that what Trump has been saying about China being a menace is truer than even he elucidated.

He'll get a thumping majority for all the same reasons BoJo did.

And vouchsafe, he'll make a helluva lot more of it than BoJo.


On a lighter note - maybe there is still hope for us all.

To all readers - never despair, in politics 5 months hence is an eternity with change every second.

“Is that the human condition?”
Why yes, yes it is.

SoD, you're supposed to post provocative nonsense, not sense.
To add to your comments black people are starting to notice that the police of whom they complain have been run by democrats for decades, and that the protests which the Dems support result mostly in the destruction of black neighbourhoods. Also that Trump got some of the prison reform the blacks have been asking for for years done, repealing some of Joe Biden's legislation to get there.
No they won't vote overwhelmingly for Trump, but the Dems can't afford to loose many.

“Here’s the juice: urban police unions who block accountability for bad cops contribute to Democratic politicians running cities who haven’t elected Republicans in 50 years … yet somehow the cause of the problem is thrown at the feet of a President who’s only been in office 3-1/2 years?!?” H/T Instapundit.

Like I said on the other thread, change of narrative needed fast.

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