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Thursday, 18 June 2020


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And lo, he bringeth the light!

Thanks for that one, Gaffer, a real lifter.


That video clip of Her Honor the mayor is just too rich. When reality comes calling her brain is out to lunch. Her answer is to dig deeper in the "stupid hole" where white Democrats go to appease mob action.

Oh, Olympia is a small city, about 50K, but is overwhelmingly white. White Democrats want it to stay that way. Olympia is also the capitol of Washington state, though it is rarely heard from compared to Seattle.

Well after mopping up with Kleenex this'll bring you back down to earth ...

The Rugby Football Union is looking to ban the singing of "Sweet Chariot" at matches, the musical equivalent of tearing down statues.

I feel sick to the marrow of my bones. I simply don't have words for this one.


The RFU fans should sing SLSC at the start of every match. How could they be stopped? In fact, they should sing it at half time and as the match ends.

Let's hope so, BOE.

And if so, I can't wait to see the apoplectic coverage by the BBC and Sky as they pan the stands at the "white faces in full song". Or might they say "white fascists in full song"? The RFU's decision could be the trigger that really gets the battle lines drawn up into full formation.

The alternative would be a full boycott of all matches. See how the cowardly RFU like them apples.

But Gaffer, this one will strike you through the heart - you know it's coming soon to a theatre near you! ...

No more Othello. The bard was a cultural appropriator, fascist lackey.

Another subterranean rumble somewhere in North Zummerzet? ...


Fluffbun has just told me I'm to have no more Czech Pilsner lager because it's cultural appropriation and deprives Czech people of their own consumption and dignity.

Quite witty for a central European.



“ The Rugby Football Union is looking to ban the singing of "Sweet Chariot" at matches, the musical equivalent of tearing down statues.” IIRC the Welsh RFU tried to ban the singing of Delilah and that didn’t go to well. Mako Vinappolu (sp) said he likes the song as it gives him a lift. He asked the fans to carry on singing it and apologised to anyone it upset.

It's enough to make a cat laugh.

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