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Monday, 08 June 2020


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You probably just caused a dozen policemen to fall over in shock (they were already kneeling). Please continue.

Sorry, you can't put down scum these days: you have to empathise with their point of view and cultural integrity . . .

An unarmed society has little chance against a large well funded criminal element. The government is more concerned with protecting their positions and incomes than anything else. That and virtue signaling-minus any virtue-to their narrow pier group.

I have had a long relationship with the diversity on pretty much every level, to know them is not to love them, any notion of fairness will be soon dissipated.

This is quite a headline. Maybe it was written with a straight face:

I have a plan. We white trash whose ancestors indulged in the slave trade should make amends and offer the blacks as a gesture of good will a return to their ancestors original countries. It would be worth the exercise and moreso to see the uptake.

Somebody needs to take a knee. To the Highest Power.

The simultaneous fixing of bayonets on the command had a sobering effect, I'm told.

I've known a lot of black people in my life and found them very likeable.

I think you're barking up the wrong tree with that level of generalisation Gaffer.

If you lift any bunch of people, black, white, Asian, Chinese, from a "state of nature", as Locke, Hobbes, Burke, et al refer to it as in the start of their various enlightenment books about the journey towards civilisation, so that is: a "violent, brutal, nasty and short existence" as they all described it, and dump them into slavery on a Caribbean island for a couple of centuries (something actually worse than even a "state of nature"), and then dump them into London, New York, or Washington DC at the very furthest forefront of developed civilisation, you're going to have issues.

If you took a bunch of Celts from 3000 years ago, or Chinese from 6500 years ago, and did the same you'd get the same result. Assimilation and adoption of developed civilisation's behavioural mores from a "state of nature" takes millennia. After the Romans left Celtic Britain we reverted straight to type in the dark ages: the tribal "violent, brutal, nasty and short existence" from whence we had come, reminiscence of the gang culture of the underdeveloped black sub-culture of today, with only vague rubbings off of the advanced civilisation that was around us for 300 years.

It isn't the genes or colour of skin that's the issue: It is what's happened to the people and the reverberations of the "state of nature" passed down from parent to child in such a short heritage journey that matters.

If you can give me an example of any other grouping of people that went from a "state of nature" to the forefront of modern developed civilisation in 200-500 years (the period that black folks have had) without issues, then you can prove me wrong.

It took Europeans 2500 years and the Chinese 6000 years to go from a "state of nature" to where we are now. So given the large numbers of black folks today who have made the upgrade in so short a time - like my black friends and colleagues - and aren't any part whatsoever of the lingering unreconstructed "state of nature" gang / tribe sub-culture, I think they've done bloody well!

The question that's important is: How do you accelerate the upgrade process? And not just for folks "making the upgrade" but for folks who've "made the downgrade" and regressed?

By "downgrade" I mean, take this conversation someone I know overheard 4 young white buys discussing and giggling and laughing about at Aldershot railway station recently: "Yeah, what would it be like to stab a pregnant woman in the belly? Haha! Yeah, you could slice right down to her c*nt and watch the baby fall out! Hahaha!"

Whether pointing a pistol at a pregnant woman's womb while robbing her - the modus operandi of George Floyd - or planning it - the modus operandi of those regressed "state of nature" young boys - the questions are: Why is it happening and what can we do to stop it?

My overwhelming belief is that it is the state education system, state social services, the MSM, and the Liberal and hard left's complete domination of those institutions that is arresting the development of black society and regressing white society. They are simply negligent in the operation of those services and / or malicious in the pursuit of their political agenda. The trouble and strife that their negligence and malice has caused the developed civilisation of the West that they seek to undermine is too much of a coincidence to be ignored.


On a lighter note - "Baldies of the world unite, you have nothing to lose but your Locke's!" ...


See, here's the rollback of the Liberal and hard left state institutions that are locking black and white "state of nature" communities in their undeveloped or regressed states that's needed, and the better private sector and choice-based solutions - "social buying power" as I call it ...

Where's that sort of thinking in Blighty these days? NOWHERE.


Your last paragraph at 13:06 is the mother lode. The left has done its "long march through the institutions" and they have them.

Loz, I have known a few blacks in my civvy and army jobs, also many asians and eastern Europeans. I had a friend who with his brother got out of Hungary during the Cold War. They all have one thing in common,they worked hard and did not complain as much as the Scottish Nationalists. Moaning is a contagious virus!

I wake up this morning and peruse the news.

The BBC wants us to perform a super-applause and light candles of thanks for the NHS that just slaughtered 60,000 people in one quarter, while New Zealand declares it has eradicated the virus with a total of 22 deaths. A professor from NZ explains that NZ listened to the Asian model that assessed C19 as needing to be treated like SARS and MERS, where slower infection rates than flu meant going for total eradication of the virus with early and hard lockdown was the right approach, and the UK's half-baked "bad flu" approach completely wrong. The mayor of London wants statues of British historical figures torn down across the capital while he and the MSM mourn the death of and admire murals and monuments to a violent career criminal.

The despair I feel for my country knows no bounds. The manipulation of the people by the authoritarian left is total, and the elected conservative representatives the vassals of the authoritarian left complete. A descent into oblivion is the inevitable future for Blighty.

I predicted this four years ago. Before that I knew the right thinking direction of Dave Cameron's administration hung in the balance, he and Osborne having to facade themselves with "Hug a hoodie" and "the Big Society" fronts to mask their small state, deficit reducing, tax reducing Libertarian right agenda, unable to present what they were frankly and honestly for fear of being relabelled as "the Nasty Party".

So I shouldn't be surprised as oblivion unfolds before me. But nothing prepares for the ruination of one's homeland. I mean what can prepare anyone for the "end of home"?


Just had a post-breakfast discussion of the present state of affairs with Mrs BoE. The only viable conclusion is that our rulers are a bunch of plonkers.

Plonkers indeed ...

Michael Baker, New Zealand government adviser and professor of public health at the University of Otago, Wellington, said:

"I think the key is good science and good leadership and acting decisively, that made all the difference in New Zealand.

"There's three things - managing the borders, track and trace and an intense lockdown to extinguish all transmission. I'm shocked at the failure of the western world to assess the risk properly and act accordingly.

"We were taking our lead from the UK and the US and the World Health Organisation - the advice was wrong, basically.

"In the nick of time we looked at the Asian models and we changed our approach to treat it more like SARs virus and going for elimination and less like influenza, which can't be contained, and that was the difference.

"We had the influenza plan which was to contain, but we turned that on its head. Instead of gradually turning the controls as the pandemic gets worse, you throw everything at the pandemic at the beginning and you extinguish it.

"That's what they did in mainland China and that's what we've done in New Zealand - and it works.

"I'm actually really surprised that the UK aren't doing the same thing. You have all the elements in place with controlling borders and track and trace - you could eliminate this virus quite rapidly.

"A key measure would be a very intense lockdown for four to six weeks, maybe longer, and as you come out of that lockdown you basically identify your cases, test them, trace them and manage your borders.

"[The quarantine only makes sense] if you're pursuing elimination. Many of the people are coming to the UK now from countries with a lower rate. It seems quite odd to do that now without the elimination goal." - 10:17am

The "Global Britain" post-Brexit pols just didn't wanna listen to Johnny Foreigner from SE Asia or the ex-colonials. "Global Britain"? Bullshit.


I see the plonkers are very busy at the moment pulling down statues and renaming streets to accommodate the black rascists.

We are going to have a lot of empty plinths. How about a statue of Bakassa? Or a group remembering the millions of Africans enslaved by the Arabs?

Good Lord, David, I hope you and the mem are well-armed. If that post-title of yours leaks out, I doubt you can expect much help from the police (except perhaps to be arrested before the mob gets hold of you).

Well there's normal black people, who are normal: and professional black people (not usually members of any recognised profession) who are scum.
The former are the greater number, the latter make the greatest noise and nuisance.

True enough.

The Jam Factory are erecting a Golliwog on a plinth. They will not knock that down.

By George and all the Saints, this one's a cracker ...

The first person to own a black slave in America through the civil courts was BLACK!

I'll repeat that in case you thought you were hallucinating.

The first person to own a black slave in America through the civil courts was BLACK!

Jeez, I had to stop there laughing so much. Fluffbun has called upstairs to check if I'm ok!

Here's the story ...

This utter scumbag, the monuments to whom will now of course have to be torn down by the mob for being a slave owner (yeah, right, like that's gonna happen! Please, please, dear Lord, let there be a statue to this see you next Tuesday somewhere in the world that I can go and pull down with my own bare hands), was captured in Africa and brought over as a time-limited indentured servant.

He did his time for his temporary owner and then became a free man. No sooner had he acquired his own freedom than he went out and bought 5 time-limited indentured servants of his own - one black and four white! Not racist then - hahahaha!!! Effing 'ell, Jeez, I'm getting bloody chest pains now ...

So then he tries to rat on one of his servants who'd done his indentured time and should therefore be free by keeping him in permanent indentured service i.e. a slave.

The servant, as you might expect, said, "Fxxx you mate, I'm off" and signed up for work with the neighbouring farmer.

So our hero then takes his neighbour to court for theft of his property, and after appeal, wins the right to keep the previously time-limited indentured servant as a lifelong indentured servant i.e. a slave. The first case of slavery in the civil courts of America!

Can you effing well Adam and Eve it?! The first contractual slave owner was black!

I don't think, no, I really don't think I've ever heard of something as juicily ironic as that in my whole lifetime of engaging with politics and current affairs, pre and post internet.

Oooh you beauty, and thank you Mr Anthony Johnson, I'm heading for the naughty cupboard to celebrate - my day long deep depression has completely vapourized!

Mama, I'm freeeeeeee again!



This should brighten up your day too:

You sure know how to bring someone back down again Bob.

What a load of old bollocks that article is!

Slavery was detrimental to capitalism in America. The price of labour was distorted and enterprises couldn't attract labour from Europe and elsewhere at the rate they would have done because the labour price was held too low by competing workers who were free. Slavery was brought to an end because capitalism was being damaged by it.

The entire article is based on the fallacious assumption that America benefited from slavery, which is false. Therefore the entire article is false, inducing handing out vast quantities of Wonga to Africans because they won't use condoms.

If you want Africa to "cure" its most devastating diseases, Bob, allow them to have an electricity grid powered by fossil fuels. As you well know by now, that would immediately save 600,000 Africans every year, and the knock-on consequences likely an order of magnitude greater than that.


Crikey O'Reilly, there's some statue pulling down to be done, isn't there? ...

George Washington and Plato - step lively chaps, that's gonna keep you busy all across America and Europe I'll warrant!

And you split-arses out there don't get off the charge either! -

Black, female, slave owner, and philanthropist - the all-in-one jackpot! That'll keep the BLM "People's Committee for Statue Liquidation" in permanent "do we don't we" session for centuries!

Just to even things up on the race front comrades, here's Wynflaed "The Fatty" Anglo-Saxon, who, after a lifetime of stuffing her face, bequeathed her chef to her beloved granddaughter! ...

Wynflaed, a woman in Anglo-Saxon England, who left Aelfsige, a male cook, to her granddaughter Eadgifu in her will.

A greater love hath no woman than she bequeatheth her cook to thee, eh?!

I wonder how Wynflaed sat up there on her cloud - oops, no, roasting down there with old Nick of course for being a slave owner! - thinks of her entry in Wikipedia a millennium and a half down the line? "I couldn't help myself, it was those bloody Bakewell tarts he used to make, they were just too f**king moreish ..."

Well here's all the black slave traders for you to peruse by yourself ...

But here's the finale. The real toe-curler, excruciating as it is exhilarating, beautiful, beautiful irony wrapped in all its Old Glory - drum roll, wait for it, wait for it ... clash of cymbals!!! ...

Old Jug Ears himself! Descended from a family of slave traders!

I don't know if he's got a statue yet, but if not, probably best to knock any plans on the head!



Oh dear, Mohammed owned slaves. Rapid name change for 2 million UK passport holders....

Oh, and Bob, I just noticed: Don't forget to pull the bloody pyramids down - see section P ...

Those Ptolemy bastards, eh? Ptolemy I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII, XIII, XIV. All at it.

Makes even Barack Obama's family look good.



Peace be upon the name of capitalism, hippie.

Sod, we need to remove July and August from the Calander. I hear that pigeons are protesting in Parliament Square, they have no statues to shit on.

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