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Wednesday, 24 June 2020


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Seems an appropriate place to drop the news that "our" Dems are still right pissed at y'all Brit's temerity to start the ball rollin'

Good job Nigel!

Neither could I have put 'this' better, for you Bob!

I'll get a pdf of the order asap and you ought print it, shred it, put it in your pipe and smoke it. And be done with it.


Things have been headed in that direction for a few weeks. No surprise.

It was most definitely a surprise to me Bob, frankly I thought it highly unlikely ... until yesterday as it happens (DoJ "discovered *lost* exculpatory documentary evidence" - which I think even you'd admit seems ... oh I don't know "fishy" perhaps?) But I was figuring that even that "new evidence" wouldn't be enough.

See especially page 10 & Points 5 & 7 arguments against the dissent then; read the dissent itself. Concurring writing Judge's observation that, "Dissent swings for the fences" couldn't be more apt.

When an arm of government is weaponized Bob it poses clear and present danger not just for those who spend 'regular time' within government service it is rather, a clear and present danger to all of us.


It's probably over, but there's this:

"Sullivan did not immediately grant that motion and instead sought to hold hearings on the matter, angering Flynn allies.

The unusual move from Sullivan to keep the case alive despite prosecutors' wishes was preceded by an unusual move from the DOJ itself to drop the charges against Flynn even after he had pleaded guilty -- saying the FBI interview that led to his charge of lying to investigators about his contacts with Russia's ambassador had no "legitimate investigative basis."

It's unclear whether Sullivan could try to appeal to the full appeals court or even to the Supreme Court in order to keep the case alive. The next step otherwise would likely be for Sullivan to comply."

I agree with you in general, but not in this case. However, it would be small of me not to congratulate Donny and his pet toad William Barr for keeping a perjurer and turncoat out of stir.

What a tosspot!

In fact, the United Kingdom was growing faster than Germany until recently.

Correct - under David Cameron while in the EU Blighty was growing at 3.2% and Britons had never been so prosperous and individually free in the history of Blighty. 28 countries to choose from for products, services, friends, lovers neighbours, and to live in.

Now look at the state of the place since this douchebag author's "take back control" "democratic decision" has come to be!

Every poll for the last 2 years up to the election showed Remain ahead of Brexit. The other people of Europe who were asked a second time demanded to stay. If they really wanted to leave why'd they not vote leave second time around?. Thankfully for them they had the chance to reverse their rash decision.

We had no second chance. BoJo won the election not because of Brexit but because he was not Jeremy Corbyn.


"A turncoat"?


In full.

Exhibits (admissible) greatly appreciated. As well as any "charges presented to the [any] Court to that effect" laid.

(You'll be aware Bob, as General Flynn was active for "a period" and under the jurisdiction of the UCMJ any such accusation should be searched for under that same UCMJ as well?)

Happy trails Bob, unless and until you can provide permissable evidence we're done on the subject.

Oh and check US Code for [all] the definitions of perjury.

The chargeable definitions at any rate.

"Populism" being any organized effort by a majority of people that runs afoul of what ever the Global Ruling class wants.

Here's a pollster documenting the switch to remain ...

Those who didn't vote in the 2016 referendum declared for remain from Theresa May's fumbled 2017 election onwards, providing a small but consistent majority in the polls ever since then.

So much for "the will of the people", eh Gaffer?



"Flynn told investigators that he was instructed to engage with the Russians by senior members of the Trump transition team.

The plea agreement marks a major development in special counsel Robert Mueller's probe — Flynn is the first former senior official from the Trump White House to face charges. It also suggests that Flynn has information that may take investigators to the core question of their inquiry: possible coordination between the Trump campaign and Russia."

This is the main reason Trump pushed so hard to get Flynn off. "Turncoat" might not be a correct legal term, but he conspired with a hostile foreign power. Since he was convicted there's a specific charge.

"[I]s the first ... to face charges. It also suggests ... may ... question ... inquiry. Possible coordination."

"[H]e conspired with a hostile foreign power."

"Since he was convicted"

Harder Bob. Try harder.

Totally off topic.

Normandy '44 by Holland arrived and it is a very good read handling the issue from both the Allied and German perspectives. My only disappointment is that it, like most histories of D Day, skips over the naval tasks and their complexity. To be fair handling that side of the campaign would necessitate a whole book on its own but I feel that is not going to happen.

Thanks SoD. Money well spent.

Loz, you are right about Corbyn. Momentum gets more mention in Labour circles than does Labour Party. Corbyn was the Tory asset of the last decade. The Tories must finance the various Labour factions and it works.


Blimey, that was quick! Glad you liked it - I haven't finished it yet so can't comment!

For a running top-up you could try James Holland and Al Murray's podcast as mentioned before.

If anyone's feeling a bit Covid / BLM low then just listen to this fella, one John Hamilton, who shot down a Stuka in his youth and these days goes to the gym 5 times a week AGED 101 !!! ...


Here he is in the gym ...

Sometimes there are no words.


Flynn "conspired with a hostile foreign power"?


He did no such thing, and was never charged with any such thing.


Can you give me the podcast ref again please

Here it is, it's called "We have ways of making you talk" by James Holland and Al Murray ...


Thanks SoD

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