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Thursday, 11 June 2020


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Bloody hell Gaffer, you tryin' to get me sacked?!

How many ways are there to say "Don't do something, just stand there"?

I guess I've said them all enough already, there, back to work for me it is, you wrecker, you!


Get an allotment!

Thuggery will not be stopped by pleading. Peaceful people can't live among anarchists.

The very idea of someone thinking "What would I do?" as a cabinet minister is intrinsically wrong.

Being a cabinet minister is wrong.

The paradox is: you have to use power to destroy power.

So the only thing you could do - i.e. use power - is to disband your department and your job and hand the whole lot back to the tax payer and replace yourself and your department with a negative income tax tweak to the tax formula, so people could go and and buy good value products and services for whatever it was that you were failing to try to produce.

Until that culture, way-of-being, attitude is engendered back into the British people again we are lost. We will continue to lean out of the window on a Thursday night and applaud the department that just massacred 60,000 of us in one quarter, 3x the rate the Wehrmacht, Luftwaffe, and Kriegsmarine managed in WWII.

Since 1948 the Left Axis has taken control of the media, health, education, and social services industries. The precise tooling to achieve authoritarian control and manipulation of a people.

That Left Axis is a much constituted of blue socialists as the shades of all others. So there is no resistance any more.

Therefore, it's game over now, I'm afraid, Gaffer. No cabinet minister will be heard saying, as Ronnie Reagan did, "In the times we live in, government is the problem, not the solution". Quite to the contrary, in fact, "More of me, my department and the government is the solution" is what the cabinet minister will say - is saying, look at the spending hikes right now and before even Covid took over.

And you encourage this by asking the question "What would you do?", which is like the salesman's "Do you want the red one or the blue one", when what you want and need is neither.

Next stop the Venezuela of Europe for Blighty, Gaffer. In your mind, heart, and soul you know it. But since 1948 - minus one decade - you haven't known how to stop it.

Unbearably sad. My own Father, who showed me the books in that decade, now brain-blind to them.

Tell me, did Shakespeare ever write a tragedy like this?


"Tell me, did Shakespeare ever write a tragedy like this?"

Dufflet, prince of Somersete?

Jannie, these days I am more Lear than Hamlet!

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