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Saturday, 06 June 2020


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I was concerned until I read that the poll was from CNN.

I know what you mean, Timbo, but read carefully, it was a "Poll of Polls"!

They aren't "polls" so much as narratives. If it seems like the anti cop themes emerging in long held Dem cities is familiar, think back to the late 1960s-early 1970s where big city Dems went soft on crime, soft on businesses and soft on communism. George McGovern. Now the entire party seems to be swept up in this theme. Anything to keep them in power which will result in more crime, loss of population and loss of tax base. XiNN is cheer leading for the Dems and their allies in the streets.

As we learned in 2016, the only poll that matters is going to be the one on November 3rd.

That said, I'm beginning to doubt that half the country is going to believe that one, either. If you think things are lively in America now, just wait till November.

2020 is just getting its boots on.

Biden's so-called increase in popularity is due to his not being seen around (and not being caught groping so many women). One and possibly both of those will change as the campaigning season kicks in.

As bland as Biden is, Trump is not popular. FiveThirtyEight was one of the operations that predicted Trump's possible win. Here's how their poll of polls rates him:

If those statistics hold it's going to be tough for Donny.

I see, Duffers. What I thought was the superlative was in fact the cumulative.

I for one will enjoy the copious rivers of tears emanating from blue cities and states on the morning of November 4th.

Everything you will read in the papers, see on the idiot box or even read on left leaning intertubes from here to midnight on the 3rd, will be so far off mark in predicted result that we may very well be observing the end of the D party as it now is constituted.

We here on the ground in the Midwest are seeing quite another reaction, a slow simmering boil of resentment for everything the D party and the Soros Brigatte Rosse (actually should be Brigatte Nero because clothing)that we anticipate a landslide for Trump with eviction of the D party seats being contested in many states and also a good primary eviction/replacement of left leaning Republicans.

We shall see who gets it right. My money is 100% against the MSM in all forms - the party, the schools, the media are all one block now, they cannot be sifted apart, only defeated.


Have SoD make this an ICON on your screen.

Some notes:

The spread between polls is larger than the margin of error, probably means there is a of undecided tentative support for both.

Most of the polls so far are registered voters. Where there is data the margin is always less with likely vo0ters.

A change in voting patterns is over due, the models used may no longer be accurate.

The open hostility of WOKE persons to any support for Mr. Trump is likely causing non-response or false responses. Happened in 2016 with less provocation.

The swing states in the electoral collage seem to be much closer than nationally.

In othe rwords, I don't have clue what will happen!

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