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Sunday, 14 June 2020


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Your Fluffbun appears to be quite young?

Like me, Whiters, of course!

11 years difference. Respectable I think?

She's just one of those folks who stays young looking. Must be her Slavonic genes.

Can be pesky though. She was carded at the local Waitrose checkout buying my whiskey resupply only a few years ago!


Apologies Lawrence,

I couldn't resist...

Plus this, from one of my non-luvvie friends Pete (the Para) Elliott.

Did anyone else notice the dark irony of watching two hundred year old statues of slave owners being removed by privileged white peeps while being filmed on a phone assembled by modern day slaves? Hopefully those poor black kids in the Congo mining the cobalt are feeling the luv?

Looks like you have good taste. I can’t comment about hers.



you passed the audition!

I'm sure that Shelley, living from 1792-1822, must have had at least a fourth cousin, thrice removed, who might have frequented a tavern also used by someone with links to slavers and therefore SHELLEY MUST BE BANNED!!!

11 years difference. Respectable I think?

How old were you when you got together? Regardless, it's fortunate you had John Cleese as a role model.

Ex Scottish servicemen and women were in Glasgow centre today to protect our Cenotaph from the fascists. Lest We Forget.

Rather than board up the Cenotaph in London it would have been more appropriate to mount a ceremonial guard on it. A bunch of 6 foot plus Guardsmen in full field kit would send a definite message.

Well done to the Scots for protecting their Cenotaph.

If the statues are viewed as depicting gods, then any imperfection would warrant their fall.
If the statues depict men, every one will be imperfect, most greatly so.
But essentially what we have is a bunch of kids desperate to make their mark on the world but with no idea how.
As to the age difference, half your age plus seven is the rule of thumb for the minimum to make it work.

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