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Tuesday, 02 June 2020


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Glad you have not plumbed the "infernal regions" though it may seem like it now. Many of us don't have time to attend a funeral service!

Duffers your weather forecast for Wednesday in Milborne Port is 18C with a 80% chance of rain. Wind is predicted out of the North West at 2 km/h. That's winter weather down here.

Toughen up man. You belonged to one of Britain's finest regiments.

It rained overnight! Today is cloudy! 'Zunny Zummerzet' is 'zunless'! Praise the lord and pass the umbrella!

By the way, AussieD, I was young and fit and cheerful and 'stoopid' back then. Now, I'm ancient, arthritic and mega-grumpy!

Not only do we not have time to attend a funeral service, I do not know how on earth I would get there! I wonder if Greta's transatlantic boat is available?

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