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Friday, 26 June 2020


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Another stratospheric (literally) HMG clusterfk lumbers into view ...

BoJo and the Brexit crew cut us off from the EU's Galileo satnav system - and then chose the wrong satellites on which to build the UK replacement system!

An act of ludicrous Brexit nationalism and "take back control" state incompetence combined in one hit.

The satellite company chosen went bust in the US and the budget is out of control. A sort of interstellar HS2.

Sweet mother of God, when does it end.


There was a (very brief!) period when we wanted to give Theresa May the benefit of the doubt. It rapidly because obvious that she was utterly useless. Boris will always be the one who took us out of the EU, so I am fundamentally inclined to support him. There is also the corona factor affecting him personally. He doesn't look well, and some of the bounce has gone, hopefully temporarily.

I'm beginning to think that he only works well as part of a double act. He is the clown and the bravura performer, but the true "straight man" with all the best lines is Farage. I think Boris needs him lurking in the shadows. Especially the shadow cast by the famous red wall.

Loz, I thought the EU cut us of. It was an EU project not a Europe project so we got the boot.

This whole Lockdown business is following a familiar pattern.

1. Enthusiasm.

2. Disillusionment.

3. The search for scapegoats.

4. Persecution of the innocent.

5. Promotion of the guilty.

I think we're between stages 3 and 4 at the moment.

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