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Friday, 26 June 2020


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Self government is not for the faint of heart is it?

On the bright side, grumpy old men all over the UK will have more to complain about!

Changes to the UK climate and weather events

UK warm spells Increase
Is this linked to climate change?: Yes
What is expected in the future?: Increase

"The sea was 15-20 metres higher 3000 years ago than today."

Well David the good news is you're unlikely to experience sea-level rising anytime soon.

In spite of the hadith's insisting to us climate deniers we're all gonna be underwater in ... well what was it, twenty years ago? Anybody got a dvd of Perfesser Albert Gore's Inconvenient Truth y'all could review then remind me of the schedule?

I distinctly remember there supposedly being 2.2 million deaths by now it's just that I can't exactly recall which armageddon the experts was talking about.

The temperature is rising on the Indo-China border too ...

See the comments.

The Don's posse would do well to leverage this pro-Indian undercurrent.


The Don's posse will get right on a reality narrative about that Indo-China thing right after they finish all their reality narratives for the 2020 election. Unless they all get fired first.

Do they have your current contact info Imam Bob?

They probably do, Archbishop JK.

Bob, Trump has had you guys going down many false trails reminds me of a dog chasing it own tail.

Off topic:
How are things in Indiana? Has been awhile.


What chance do we have against a very stable genius with the best brain who knows more than all the doctors and generals and scientists? Woe is us guys. We are but dogs compared to His magnificence.

Indiana is OK. We're decreasing covid cases even though we're close to Chicago and several Southern states. Weather's been good if a little warm. We're finally getting some rain. Can't complain.

You mention close to Chicago, Gary/South Bend/Mishawaka?

Lived in South Bend for a spell, many moons ago.

I live in the Lafayette area close to I65, which has a lot of car travel stops where the virus could spread. South Bend went over a rough patch after NAFTA sent a lot of light manufacturing jobs south of the border. It did better than a lot of other small cities because the Notre Dame campus kept the economy going. I haven't been there for 5 or 6 years, but parts of the city have recovered, or at least had.

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