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Friday, 19 June 2020


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All they need now is to upset the Russians as well. I'm sure someone in Washington is working on it.

It struck me odd that the Chinese wanted to make a fuss over a worthless border in a remote mountain area at this point in time. A "Wag the Dog" scenario may be underway. Maybe their economy is much worse off than they are letting on. And maybe their home made virus has impacted their population much worse than any of us know. Both together calls for a distraction to "wave the bloody shirt".

Trump and PM Modi seem to have hit it off well lately. We need each other in that part of the world.

'Odd at this point'?

Well yeah after a fashion I suppose Whitewall but you'll recall the little tiff between the Pakis and the Chinks David was mentioning a (relatively) short time ago?

Maybe the Chinks decided to use a common enemy for a distraction.

Hey! What other stumblebums are you referring to?

"What other stumblebums" Bob?

Turned out quite a number of 'em.

They need another player like March 1969 in the vicinity of Zhenbao Island on the Ussuri River, near Manchuria.

Ah yes Ups, that's - perhaps purely coincidentally - where the Uighurs seem to make up quite a sizeable number isn't it?

China does seem to have 'issues' wherever there happen to be faith groups. I mean, the commies are notoriously anti-faith aren't they?

Where the commies bump up against those sorts of folks there does seem to be the cycles of turmoil. Whether planned/desired or not. Or perhaps even sometimes, convenience.

Thanks for the link, JK. The pdf looks good. I'll read it ASAP.

Quite right.

My opinion, Russia giving up much of the disputed border lands to China says more about the weakened state of Russia.

Actually Bob the 2010 edition of the paper is the one better referred to, if you can find a working link - I've got it on a flashdrive (the text) but the link to source for the docfile no longer functions.

At the bottom of the linked study you can "supposedly access" earlier versions but after placing that link I was only able to retrieve back to Jan 12(?) 2020.

I'm rather busy today to do much searching but maybe tomorrow ...

I think the Chinks have drunk their own ink.
All that stuff they tell their people about China being great and powerful they've swallowed hook line and sinker.
Either that or its desperate measures from a desperate regime.
Bit of both?


I read something similar during the late 90s. It was a paper by a sociologist or group of them, and came to the same conclusion by a different means. If I can remember who it was, and that's not as sure a thing as it used to be, I'll try to find it.

Actually, instability in American culture is a feature, not a bug. It's not surprising.

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