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Sunday, 28 June 2020


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Sorry Sodders, but stuff does come up, at least in the US. Here's the first page:

California orders some bars to close as U.S. posts record COVID cases

5 hours ago · (Reuters) - California on Sunday ordered some bars to close as that state and a dozen others face the worst surge in coronavirus cases since...

Only two US states are reporting a decline in new coronavirus cases ...

12 hours ago · Officials there and across the US are also warning of an increase in cases among younger people. Florida reported 9,585 new coronavirus...

Crowds Pack Arizona River as U.S. Posts Record COVID Cases for Three Days Running
U.S. News & World Report

4 hours ago · (Reuters) - Hot and sunny weather in Arizona led to crowds tubing on at least one river this weekend as that state and a dozen others face the...

US tops 2.5 million coronavirus cases as reopenings roll back

4 hours ago · The United States has surpassed 2.5 million confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus amid the global pandemic. To date, more than 125,000...

US: Four men charged for trying to topple Andrew Jackson statue

3 hours ago · Trump has pledged to prosecute anyone who vandalises federal monuments amid racial justice protests across the US. 17 hours ago.

U.S. Presses Europe to Uproot Chinese Security-Screening Company
Wall Street Journal (blog)

7 hours ago · As with Huawei, the Nuctech campaign is a test of the U.S.'s ability to persuade its allies to shun a more affordable equipment provider, based on...

Only 2 US states are reporting a decline in new coronavirus cases
9 hours ago · But the daunting numbers could just be the tip of the iceberg: A new survey by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggests the...

US health secretary warns `window is closing'

5 hours ago · Azar pointed to a recent spike in infections, particularly in the South. He says people have "to act responsibly" by social distancing and wearing...

Trump denies briefing on reported bounties against US troops

7 hours ago · WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump on Sunday denied that he had been briefed on reported U.S. intelligence that a Russian...

Saharan dust cloud hits Southern states in U.S. already struggling with coronavirus surge
NBC News

3 hours ago · Dust particles are expected to ease on Monday before another wave is likely to return to the Gulf later in the week, the National Weather Service...

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Maybe your commie government has blocked all but authorized sources.

Bob, not much happening in Glasgow UK. A few stabbings and a refugee shot by police. The Glasgow War Memorial being protected by police and veterans because of the BLM movement. BLM movement renaming streets at their discretion. Irish Republican supporters called the Irish Brigades mixing with BLM to cause trouble. Other than that life is normal.

That is a big fail bob. Abit of research shows approx. 97% of those listed is the msm.

Glesga, we have the same kind of boring stuff over here. Only the monuments are different.



The problem is SoD is searching for news. Right wingers don't do news, though they sometimes try to get away with calling it news and sometimes try to get away with calling themselves "conservative". Try searching for "right wing infotainment" or "right wing blogs" or "right wing columnists". You can also substitute "alt right" for "right wing" in any of those searches. Even with those you'll get a lot of MSM, but you'll also find the kind of stuff you're looking for.

You "noticed" something of a theme Bob in your results?

Scheme rhymes.

You are completely missing the point, Bob.

Are you sure>

Those dribbles of drivel from Reuters and Al Jazeera aren't right or Libertarian news posts, Bob!

Where are these guys for example? ...

See next post ...


My guess is the sources SoD listed don't come up because Google ranks results by the number of clicks the site gets. I use the StartPage web search and Fox comes up regularly. When searching with a political topic all of the above come up except for, which as far as I can tell is an opinion source, not a news source. Maybe it comes up past the first 5 or 6 pages where I never look.

This is probably just one more case of democracy not favoring fringe ideas.

That's poppycock Bob.

Google does not rank sites by clicks. Google ranks sites in essence by appointing "root" sites as authoritative and then observing the links outbound from those sites to others and crediting those other sites as achieving authority by proxy of the parent google assigned authority.

So of course the Left Axis sites are the root authorities and the right and Libertarian sites get the ranking of second class citizens whenever CNN et al deign to mention them with a link. They have learned to mention them as infrequently as possible so as to push them further yet down the rankings.

As evidence of this at one time D&N had a google ranking of 5, causing a colleague friend in the SEO business to contact me and ask how the Gaffer did it, and would he interested in advertising.

It transpired the elevation to a google rank 5 was due to the Gaffer posting a sequence of beautiful troll-dumps on some lefty sites during the Alfie Meadows incident back in 2010 ...

... and receiving back-links from commentators on those sites linking to D&N with abuse etc.

That's it in a nutshell: post a link on Socialist Workers Daily or whatever and that link goes up in the google rankings.


I did oversimplify a bit. Here's Google's explanation:

"We look for sites that many users seem to value for similar queries."

Of course there's a lot more involved, but it essentially comes down to clicks. Democracy trumps political slant. No wonder you're feeling paranoid.

That's poppycock SoD.

As evidence of this at one time D&N had a google ranking of 5. It transpired the elevation to a google rank 5 was due to the Gaffer posting:

Didn't SoD, have so much to do with the Gaffer posting "a sequence" as it did his keeping us abreast of the latest scientific research. Everybody knows (including Gurgle) where to find what's what. Always something to chew on.

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