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Monday, 29 June 2020


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I must have commented on the last thread just before you posted. Google and Yahoo news searches have built-in biases. Just use a web search on StartPage or Yippy or DuckDuck Go and everything comes up, though if being specific you might have to look through several pages or refine the search.

If you're looking for a particular source or sources you can just enter them with the subject. For example "covid american thinker" makes StartPage spit up all the articles about covid pubished by that silly waste of time. No need for advanced Google operators.

Thanks very much for the SEO advice Bob.


I'm sure you know more about SEO than I, SoD. I used the Google operators when they were a new thing, but never wrote long filters. You might use them for IT projects, but the search algorithms have improved so much I rarely need them for stuff I do now.

Btw, I used the internet before it was called the internet and long before the WWW. Show a little respect, sonny.

Bob, do you remember the tedious microfisch?

I sure do, Glesga. Also the library catalog made up of drawers of index cards.

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