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Monday, 29 June 2020


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David, it is not too late to enter into politics moreso when the mad left and Greens are desperate.

Floyd has become iconic by circumstance. He just happened to be the black guy caught on video being snuffed by cops at a time lots of people of all ethnicities are unhappy about the direction of the country. Evidently the US isn't alone in this. Floyd's not being especially law abiding isn't the point.

BLM doesn't restrict its concerns to a single narrative. It is a human rights group formed in the black community, but it interacts with many others. Video news shows a lot of people in BLM protests aren't black. But a gratuitous shot at media is always welcoming to the people Ike Ijeh is pandering to with reductive thinking. A useful critic he is not.

A quick reading of the BLM literature, or a scan of its leadership shows that it is a communist organisation, no more, no less. Ending family structures? Does experience show that having helped anyone, of any colour? It becomes a questions of "Who you gonna believe, the Party or your lying eyes?" When I was younger, I would have believed the party. Now, fifty years on, I know that the Party lies, and my eyes do not.

This is indeed eloquent. Too eloquent for the people who need to read it. They are not well. Read it to any of the rabid left liberals and the reaction is - well ummmm what muh HATE TRUMP.

Also remember that in the US more than half a million babies get aborted every year by Planned Parenthood. Almost all of them are black. So do black lives really matter? There is nothing Planned about Planned Parenthood.

Understanding who the demonstrators/rioters/looters are:

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