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Saturday, 13 June 2020


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All those medals? I am guessing they are for extreme "sensitivity" on all the important issues of the day.

An unfortunate surname.

Were the police filmed breaking and running from BLM protesters hers?

In answer to your final question Duffers.

Around her neck is the ribbon of the OBE and then from left to right as you look at them;

Queen's Police Medal
Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee Medal
Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal
Police Long Service Medal

Maybe it's time to rename the Met as Dick's Donuteers or Sadiq's Surrender Squad. As for what Winnie would have said about her.... this is a family blog!

Aussie D:

Yes, the surname is unfortunate, but entirely appropriate.
And yes, those coppers beating an inelegant retreat were her finest. But don't worry: they have been much tougher today, now that counter demonstrators ("violent right wing") have been out on the streets.

If I remember, the medals are as follows:
Covering Up One's Murder Of An Innocent Londoner
Getting Promoted (Two Bars For Two Preferred Groupings)
Chcolate Teapot Medal
Girls' 110-yard Hurdles (8th place)

You can purchase medals online nowadays and look important. My DA, sold his medals to a well known pawnbroker in the Gorbals Glasgow, as did hundreds of returning servicemen. They were skint and out of work. You can spot real servicemen and women when wearing their medals.

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