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Sunday, 28 June 2020


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... the (so-called) 'powers that be' appear to be clueless over what to do.

That's what happens when the 'powers that be' are headed by a clinically mad and supremely cynical "businessman" who squandered an inherited fortune and declared bankruptcy 6 times whilst being a con man, game show host and sexual predator. Who woulda guessed?

I guess my question in "Britmiliation" number 2 has been answered! Sir Mark exits.

You’re referring to Bill Clinton, right?

Just spitballing here Bob, but say for the sake of argument that the governors and mayors are responsible for law and order in their states. Imagine that they cynically, heaven forbid, decided to create and allow riots with property destruction etc etc in their cities and states in order that the president ordered the NG or even the military to intervene to restore order, in the hope that there would be injuries or death. Now imagine if the president is way too smart to fall for that and leaves them hoist on their own petard.

BTW if you look up “sexual predator” in the dictionary you will find pictures of Clinton and “Tuna-fingers Biden”.

"Knee bending" current usage--groveling for power in front of the mob.


Just imagine if Martians invaded and we were losing real bad but then COVID-19 killed them all.

Being a law and order type, I agree on Clinton. He should have been shot in the knees at sunrise then hung almost until dead then boiled in oil - not because he lied about getting his knob polished, but because the lied about getting his knob polished under oath! If he'd had any sense he would have refused to testify, like Trump. And if any women still read this blog, they probably really appreciate the "tuna fingers" thing.

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