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Saturday, 13 June 2020


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Stolen and passed on, many thanks.

Yes, I read that elsewhere last night: it's honest and therefore dangerous to the writer. There must be others who feel the same but, given staffing policy in today's indoctrination facilities, sorry, "academia", they are thin on the ground.

Honest = Dangerous. Well said J. I am more pessimistic about the future of western civilization than ever before.

The white-Liberal- power structure is scared to death of people like this anonymous professor. There are lots of them out there, black and white, writing the truth about the BLM scam, Antifa terrorists, and how everything ties back to the same source-The DNC and its front groups in the corporate world all genuflecting to BLM with maximum virtue which costs them nothing.

This book by a black author goes a long way in explaining today:

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