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Saturday, 27 June 2020


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A bit like having to choose between Boris and Corbyn perhaps!

You beat me to it Wiggers!


Bolton was an interventionist. Trump is not. Nearly all of America's power centers are run by one side of The Divide. Trump stands on the opposite side. The Democrat party, especially since 2016, has declared war on America and our institutions. Trump intends to defend America and our institutions. Trump stands for Jobs, Democrats stand for Mobs. Trump believes in the Bill of Rights, Democrats need rid of those Rights as quickly possible.

The Divide is not bridgeable. Warts and all, Trump is the only choice. Biden has to be for an "America" that is no longer America. He has no choice.

Contrary to the noxious propaganda pumped out by the American right wing networks, Trump cares about nothing other than himself and his own whims. Bolton is the same. He's interested only about military intervention. He refused to testify in the impeachment trial but took a $2 million advance to write a book about what he would have testified. A pox on them both.

What Whitewall said.

(Saint Floyd expired in a town run by Dems, in a state run by Dems with a Dem Congress critter who quite frankly hates America, a Dem religion of peace AG and it’s all Trump’s fault?)

Is it possible to make known the crimes committed by this Saint Floyd?

While he may not actually have declared war on anybody he, like so many before him, has always found work for America's biggest industry - their widely deified milirary.

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