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Saturday, 25 July 2020


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Either way come November, America will vote red- red for Trump or red for socialism.

I would suggest that, if Biden is elected, he will either a heart attack or retire on health grounds shortly after coming into office. It's not Biden the Trump supporters have to fear. It will be the person selected to be his running mate. That's how Livingstone managed to run, and ruin, the old GLC in this country.

The difference is that in 2016 Americans had to vote for one of two people they didn't like. In 2020 they'll have one they still don't like and one they don't care about. We're clearly making progress.

All is not lost Donald?

From 2017:

And where would the "expert" good Doctor Fauci have gotten such a notion? Why, just after the election of 2016:

But even before that there were some "hopeful musings":

Weird how stuff works out ain't it?

I might have a punt on the Don winning the coming election with a substantial margin ...

There's a hint of a whiff of napalm in the morning air, smells like ...


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