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Wednesday, 29 July 2020


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SoD, it seems the Islamists there are struggling to get much attention, what with all the White Supremacy, White Patriarchy, Western Civ/Christianity stuff sucking up all the oxygen. I hope they don't "try harder".

I see what you mean Whiters.

Maybe a tad "cup half empty" sort of stance, I mean, it has been a pleasure to see the Islamists and Greta and the Green Blob off the radar for a while!


So this is how the Republican and Right's Southern strategy ends; sinking into a hog lagoon of fantasy crap like and Fox News. Constantly demonizing a larger and larger percentage of the population. Claiming anything that's not right wing is treacherous and far left. Wallowing in conspiracy theories. It's the classic Paranoid Style in American Politics:

No wonder David is getting bored. It's not much fun anymore, is it?

Bob, The only official news we get here is from the BBC and they are biased against Trump. They had an item about a Biden policy last night saying he was going to pour billions into education for blacks and other minorities. The BBC did not mention that Obama and Clinton had two terms.

Glesga, what makes you think the BBC is biased against Trump?

You might be making some wrong assumptions about how laws end up being made over here. In our system the president and Executive branch have huge but limited powers. You also have to look at who controls the Congress. In the case of education funding they're much more important because they control how nearly all federal money is spent. Cooperation by governors is also important since education is primarily a state and local matter.

Bob, because he usually comes up as the first news item on the BBC News night.

Glesga Trump leads the news too on CNN, MSNDC, and et al.

Always & consistently.

Ask 'em, "Well before Trump got elected what was influencing Americans to unfriend Hillary?"

And the answer comes back, "Donald Trump."

Everything by their lights is wrong is "Donald Trump."

"Enduring constipation lately?" asks Brian Stelter of Bob and Bob replies to Brian aka 'Dumpling' Stelter "Not particularly." Dumpling then inquires of Bob, "Loose stools?" Bob replies "Well not that particularly either but I was thinking maybe adding fiber to my diet would help things work out better."

Dumpling then and always says, "Well there's your problem Bob, Donald Trump."

And though Bob's never ever actually fell out of formation forevermore he's in lockstep no matter saying stuff like "Constantly demonizing a larger and larger percentage of the population."

When all the available evidence suggests the percentages fairly consistently remain - 50-50.

Except for the Neilsen ratings.

What does leading the news have to do with bias? He's president and makes sure to keep himself in the news by doing or saying something outrageous every day. He's actually pushing hydroxychloroquine again, after all the studies proved it's more dangerous than helpful. He also had an insane conspiracy tweet deleted by Twitter. Should the media just ignore that kind of stuff?

"Constantly demonizing a larger and larger percentage of the population" has a lot to do with why Republicans are less popular. They've been trash talking ethnic groups that are growing in number and vote more often, which makes a big difference in a 50/50 split. Trump started out with the dopey birtherism conspiracy then went on to saying Mexicans are rapists and downhill from there. Most of the rest of elected Republicans, probably at their own peril, are too cowardly to ever contradict him.

Bob, you wrote "You also have to look at who controls the Congress" and for the most part very true. Congress is made up of (mostly) Democrats/Republicans, with the House of Representatives control of the purse strings. Just thinking the word "who" might be misleading.

1952-1995 (43 years=2 generations?) Democrats controlled the House and purse strings. Since then controls’ been passed back and forth several times.

Oddly enough, Dems controlled the house during both world wars.

The 75 Congress (1937-1939) Out of 435 seats, Democrats had 334 seats, Republicans 88 seats.

Forgot to add Progressives (8 seats), Farmer-Labor (5 seats) in the 75th Congress.

" ... after all the studies proved it's more dangerous than helpful ... "

I know, personally, two people currently taking the drug, and one of them for more than 15 years (lupus) the other reports she's been on it for 7 (rheumatoid arthritis) and neither of them are dead yet.

Which probably shouldn't be surprising because, I suspect since the drug's been around for in excess of sixty (60) years - and only the one's been on it for the fifteen is over 60 years of age - at any rate this hydroxychloroquine stuff seems to be in more prevalent use than say a couple other "more newer" drugs like say Vioxx and, oh what was the other 'miracle drug' - was it Celebrex?

At any rate - hydroxychloroquine given that the FDA has had a lot of time to pull it from the market why hasn't it been done?

Maybe because until Trump touted it "all the studies proved" it's only dangerous if Trump says "it's promising."

At any rate my acquaintances are hoping their access to the stuff stays as is. Trump opposition be damned. (And the female voted for Hillary.)

I should say in the context of disclosure;

These 'acquaintances' I know haven't been long-term, actually they've 'known of me' longer than I've known of them.

What it was, was, first week of this month I inquired of three pharmacist friends if they had any customers on the stuff and if so would they ask if it was acceptable (to the customers) that I and they communicate. Two out of nine I spoke with agreed that I could share their [anonymized] experience with the stuff. The remaining seven "felt" their experience with the stuff, since it hasn't been of very lengthy duration felt they couldn't offer any conclusive opinion (three of that seven being of the opinion I'd use them for "Republican purposes" - one of those who has seen my above comment texts me this morning "You surprise me [JK] with your non-partisanship" - None of those agreeing to communicate with me have ever before visited, indeed were even aware of, D&N ever existed.

The male who agreed his info could be shared allows as he "Is out a lot, being a livestock trader, attends numerous public sales/auctions most events with large non-mask-wearing crowds. "Last time I voted was when 'they' were trying to make marijuana legal - I voted against that damn stuff." (Pre-Trump) When asked "Are you R or D?" His response was, "They're all the damn same and I don't like a g***amn single one."

The female describes herself as an "active long-time Democrat, lately shaky" - I asked "What do you mean by shaky" Her response was something like "You know what it means."

Jeez, I wonder if there's a name for someone having a persecution complex on behalf of another person. Using a drug for illness is always a balancing act. Hydroxychloroquine has been used for years for various things:

I'm no doctor, but would guess people who have covid also have lowered resistance to the harmful effects of the drug. All the studies have shown it has dangerous side effects that outweigh any benefit for treating covid. The clinicians and scientists who did the study didn't factor in Trump, this I can tell you.

Up2L8, thanks for your (qualified) agreement.

Most recent issue (paywall) of The New England Journal of Medicine has an interesting article in it Bob, might take a gander at it.

And there's a Yale medicine professor's got some opinion on the stuff too Bob. Yale of all places can you imagine! Plus, and I'd put it as anecdotal seeing as how I've not bothered to look for the evidence myself but anyway, I'm aware of some allegations that "the biggie [tech]media companies" are actively working to remove content expressing support that's contrary to your assertions.

"I'm no doctor, but would guess people who have covid also have lowered resistance to the harmful effects of the drug."

I'm no doctor either but that I'd agree would be helpful to know - I'll ask around Bob, Sincere Thankee Very Much. I may have mentioned my Dad being an MD? First in the military then the latter roughly half being in "mostly" civilian general practice ('mostly' owing to the his re-commissioning in order to do anesthesiology (sp?) stuff for both the military & VA from the mid 60s through to 1992). And some number of my former schoolchums choosing careers in 'healthdom' ranging from MD through whatever initials pharmacists have displayed on their 'ego wall' certificates denoting they is such? At any rate Bob all I'm saying is I'm pretty sure I can get in substantive contact with people in positions of far more authority than either me or you.

"Jeez, I wonder if there's a name for someone having a persecution complex on behalf of another person."

There's two board certified psychiatrists in my phone's contact list Bob, I'll text 'em and get back to ya.

"I'm aware of some allegations that "the biggie [tech]media companies" are actively working to remove content expressing support that's contrary to your assertions."

It has nothing to do with my or anyone else's assertion. It has to do with content that contradicts science and could result in people being harmed. If Trump said cyanide would cure covid there would be nitwits out there who would try it.

"If Trump said cyanide would cure covid there would be nitwits out there who would try it."

Maybe so Bob but I kinda think if charges were ever laid against Trump for any such thing CNN would find itself sitting at the defendant's table alongside him as a co-defendant having made certain that every nutball in the country "knew with certainty" Trump said it with informed sincerity.

Ya know Bob, been my experience that I've never been exposed to a Trump-tweet except such exposure's come from the 'loyal opposition media.'

Your mileage, I'm sure, varied.

You can have the last word on this thread Bob. I tard.

Since you offered, JK, I was kinda wrong by omission yesterday. The media don't lead with Trump. Trump leads the media. He says outrageous things the MSM have to report to distract from news that's not good for himself - like over 150,000 Americans dead from covid and having one of the worst public health responses in the world. He's really good at leading the dopes in the media around by their noses.

Okay so I wasn't totally exhausted the few minutes ago but I definitely am now.

Whew that was so tiresome I really must retire!

Or, probably more accurately than retire hibernate! Later all.

That first link is the blog hosted by that 'Aesop' guy (which blog incidentally I'm a long time reader/fan) the Borepatch blog author apologizes to. Aesop by the way Bob's got a couple of comment's on Borepatch's thread that'll likely result in you getting the jollies!

The Mike Rowe post being much as I view this latest "civilization/humankind ending apocalypse" (if the rising sea levels doesn't manage to wipe us out first - could be any minute now I'm sure). Anyway Bob humor me please, read the Mike Rowe piece?

Oh and have a great weekend - I through.

Bless your lil pea pickin heart, Bob. Since you wrote “who”(implies a single entity) controls Congress thought it best to clarify. You’re welcome.

Watch you arsenic intake.


I read the Mike Rowe piece and don't have a comment. It's one guy's unremarkable opinion. I haven't commented on other blogs for about a year. I should have also mentioned Trump is distracting from presidenting over the biggest economic contraction in American history. Move over, Herbert Hoover.

"Our Bob" puts in his appearance at 22:52.

Well ... if the guy's not actually Bob he's at least a clone of Bob.

ALL EXPERTS (and the Science) AGREES HCQ IS WORTHLESS !!! Sure it does.

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