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Monday, 06 July 2020


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21/24. I misread one of the questions but I suppose understanding the question is part of the test of Britishness.

Bear in mind that was with no revision, people taking the test will be expected to study the book that has all the approved answers.

And finally: how much is British citizenship worth? £1350 sounds pretty cheap to me.

Cry me a river.

Try jumping through the hoops in order to settle in La Belle France.

I got 19 out of 24 - not too bad for a yank ;) I might have done better had I had the handbook.

Well I got an 18, since my familky leftm England (befor the act of Union) in 1620 that is pretty good. Only fiv or six question seemed remotly relevant to thye purpose.

I got 23 out of 24. HMG would not say that I don't deserve my passport, whatever my score. I'm British, so my nationality is not dependent upon tests.

I don't care about the fairness of the test. Providing it limits the numbers of migrants who settle in this overcrowded country, they can do it by shoe size or astrological sign for all I care. For the same reason, they can increase the fees for the test and for naturalisation, and I wouldn't complain.


Nobody loves a smart-arse!


23/24. I think they are wrong on the dates of the first Christian community in Britain.
Feel free to send Fluffy round though.
Citizenship should be granted on the basis of sponsorship from established citizens though.

Well done SoD.
Your dad should be worried, good as he is. Look forward to reading more of your alternative views.
Got two wrong - when Christianity arrived and the gold medal winner.
Only got St Davids day because of when daffodils probably bloom.

Best wishes to Fluffbun.

P.S. Is there ANYTHING that the Chinese won't eat???

I amazed myself.

Got two wrong.

Do I qualify?

I am British although I now live in New Zealand. I have no idea who has won what races in Olympic Games or any other sporting events. Who cares who can run faster or throw further than someone else.Why should questions like that be in a citizenship quiz?

Y'all of course recognize my hesitance to brag.

Sometimes I amaze even myself.

23 out of 24. Got the Christianity question wrong. Just wait a couple of years and that will be replaced with, "When did Islam become the main religion?"

23/24 christianity question did for me as well... shame really I was looking forward to a tussle with fluff.

I got the Christian thing wrong and the daffodils. Hope the Spanish Inquisition are not at my door.

Looks like I've done the worst so far - 16/24
We are planning to move to Greece in a few years and they have no option to get a Greek passport. You can get a residency permit, but no citizenship unless you have Greek ancestry
To be honest, I'd be happy to take a test and fork out a few quid for the privilege, if it was there

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