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Wednesday, 22 July 2020


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SoD, before the Commie Flu hit, you mentioned having a Chinese colleague or two. Since they went back to China for safety, did they come back to work with you?

And you just can't wait, can you, SoD?

One counter force is that manufacturers, for example in transportation and medicine, can no longer count on offshore suppliers for things like car parts, drug precursors, and PPE. Some jobs will again become, at least in part, local. That's already happened near me, where ventilators that had been made in China are now being produced in Indiana.

Whiters, they never left, the team and the project didn't bat an eyelid.

I've been reflecting on what it's like working like this. It resembles what it must have been like in earlier times, say Anglo-Saxon England for example. You wake up, try to have a fumble with missus, she tells you to eff off, quick splash to freshen up, chuck on some rags, and straight out into the fields.

No commute, no boss breathing down your neck, just your objectives to achieve in your time. No posturing and power-play. Lunchtime you toddle downstairs (toddle in from the fields), meet the missus by the fridge (larder), suggest a fumble, she tells you to eff off, eat a meal at supermarket (market) prices, and back at it again. You fancy a mid-afternoon power-nap staring up at the beautiful summer sky? Snore away and work a little later that day.

Once a week you do some work in the boss's field - a Zoom / Skype / Teams meeting and catch-up with everyone. During the week you get stuck with something and you chat with a colleague anywhere on the planet - "Oi, Jeff!", you shout, calling over to the next field, "You having any problems with your carrots this year? How d'ya get rid of these pesky ticks?" Collect your answer, head down again and off you go.

It's the absence of coercive and in your face collective working tat's such a dream. Yes we are still collectively working on something, but all the friction, posturing, facading, and bullshit that goes with an office is gone. Just you and your tasks. In Anglo-Saxon terms the equivalent nightmare scenario would be some feudal overlord demanding a new castle in the vicinity and rounding up the peasants for a decade of hard collective graft while it gets done. "Bollocks, a bloody long walk to Hufton-Bufton manor every morning and night and that bastard brute yeoman the lord has hired cracking the whip all day".

As that contrast illustrates, the current situation of the nation suits me just fine!

I remember when this all started for me, kinda just pre-internet becoming mainstream, around 1998. I started a new contract with a service provider and was posted Ooop North, then London, then Birmingham, etc. All done by telephony. I never met the the boss fact-to-face for 3 months (including the interview). And even when I did, it was in a motorway services car park on the M4 so he could hand over some CD's with software on them. As said, this was pre-internet being mainstream and broadband download speeds, so we had to physically do the transfer or via post because the files were too large. We laughed that this was our first meet, and quipped that if the internet ever got faster we'd not even have to meet to handover CD's!

And here we are.


Awww, there there, Glyn, don't fret!

So long as the ratio of blue collar workers to white collar workers stays roughly the same we'll all be charging each other the same and taxing each other the same wherever we are. Allister Heath is a plonker for half-baking his argument and I'm just winding you up like I do the Gaffer.

In fact, we will all prosper by allowing a greater pool of mobility, whether by freedom of movement or via the wires of the internet. The more interconnected we are the more choice and the more the optimisation of labour, capital and assets in combination in the broader, bigger global competition drives up productivity.

Unless Covid II does what the Black Death did and seriously mullers the Blue Collar peeps (the White Collars will always be there, of course, for everyone that falls there'll always be a Blue Collar to say "The working class can kiss my arse, I've got the foreman's job as last" and take boots off and step into the dead man's shoes!).

Like the Black Death, that'd lift wages at the expense of salaries alright, but who'd want all those Bluey's offed? The Commies tried it the other way round and tried to off 120m Whitey's but they even managed to fk that up and most of the starved to death and murdered were Bluey's!

So much better just getting rich through productivity, don't you think?


This from the same Remoaners who threatened World War Three, a housing market collapse and an economic slump immediately we voted for Brexit.

Keep crying wolf, mate. You're bound to be right eventually.

Allister Heath...a Sage sans peur et sans reproche.

Said no-one, ever.

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