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Friday, 10 July 2020


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PJ Media is the umbrella group for The site is indispensable for 24 hour news and articles. One theme that has emerged recently is the Jacobins are out early in the process. The Left is a symptom of mental illness no Dr. can treat. Any traditional Liberals remaining have one of two choices: yield to the "cancel" culture woke mobs and be devoured or, make alliance with Conservatives over free speech and exchange of ideas. Glad I'm not them.

I cancelled my subscription to Hulu Live and thus cable news. It's all gotten to be unbearably stupid. According to the BBC, fake news, which has long been popular on the right, is now also fashionable on the left:

"The rise of left-wing, anti-Trump fake news"

But - but - the Beeb is left wing! What kind of diabolical plot is this?

I'm guessing BBC is desperate to keep their funding when they don't deserve or need it.

Yeah, Bob, but the BBC can't bear to not put a qualifying dig in there, can they? ...

It's hard to gather definitive data on the political bias in fake news stories, so the evidence for a rise in 'liberal fake news' is essentially anecdotal.

Essentially anecdotal. Hahahahahahaha! The entire BBC and Left Axis is "essentially anecdotal"



By the Left Axis being "essentially anecdotal" do you mean it only exists in short or personal accounts? Why, then, are you so worked up about it?

Had to go and look at PG site, thinking it must be a satire site like Babylon Bee, etc.
Now I am still not sure.
It is very hard for satirists these days.

The Left Axis is based entirely on "essentially anecdotal" data.

As many black people die in custody as is proportionate to the amount of crime they cause; the climate's been changing for 4bn years just like today. There really is nothing to see here. But the Left Axis builds edifices on these "essentially anecdotal" bases in every aspect of their political agenda.

The bit I get worked up about are the edifices that get built on this "essentially anecdotal" foundation.

It seems there is a vast breadth and depth of people in the gene pool with nothing to do but worry about non-existent problems; another that plays on those worries and preys on those people for its own political agenda; and democracy has been usurped by these two to make a power out of all proportion - the "51% and you can do what you like" version of democracy. An absolute gift to the "worry guts and tyrant" fraternity.

It's a clever strategy that has yielded up the education, health, social services and media industries to this power - I term it the Left Axis - while the rest of us were just getting on with our lives post-Soviet socialism and doing very nicely thank you.

The critical piece of the Left Axis that wasn't stamped out by the Reagan / Thatcher revolution was the very DNA of the Left Axis itself: the education industry. The means of replication and regrowth.

The Don has clocked it ...

But even his stick waving doesn't go far enough. Threatening tax breaks isn't enough. The only real action to destroy the Left Axis DNA forever is to give the parents their equal share per child of the schooling tax take and let them opt out of state education. And open up the education markets in the US and UK to all Western curricula, teaching methods, standards and bodies. No borders. A competition of not just delivery but standards also. Not a Single Market, but rather a Multi-Market in education.

The people will quickly start moving their kids away from suppliers offering socialist indoctrination and towards real learning and life skills.

Education is the really strategically big one for the Right Alliance to go for. Defeat that and the health, social services, and media industries will fall too, as the young doctors, nurses, social workers and journos start coming through clear of socialist bollocks.

Like Marxism itself predicted: the socialist state will wither away and give way to Funded Libertarianism - aka Communism. Marx himself said socialism would be bollocks! And Lenin complained about the bloody socialists not wanting to relinquish their hands on state ownership and direction of the means of production and distribution when he introduced his New Economic Policy - tell us about it, Len mate, we feel your pain!

See Bob, I was a Commie all along! Just one who wants to get the socialist phase all over and done with and move on to the Communist phase - aka Funded Libertarianism.


Doonhamer, not even close, although Instapundit does post an occasional offering from Babylon Bee. The Bee is more true to real life than the NY Times.


Twasn't just Don that's clocked it - early in the last century there was this feller went by the name of HL Mencken (1880-1956) wrote, "The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary."

Additionally, expounding on the phenomena of "experts" (though in his era there wasn't so frequently as plagues us today which is the *requesting to speak off the record anonymous experts report*) getting quoted willy-nilly by the Left-Axis "The human mind, at its present stage of development, cannot function without the aid of fictions, but neither can it function without the aid of facts—save, perhaps, when it is housed in the skull of a university professor of philosophy. Of the two, the facts are enormously the more important. In certain metaphysical fields, e.g. those of mathematics, law, theology, osteopathy and ethics—the fiction will probably hold out for many years, but elsewhere the fact slowly ousts it, and that ousting is what is called intellectual progress. Very few fictions remain in use in anatomy, or in plumbing and gas-fitting; they have even begun to disappear from economics."

Now SoD Bob's likely to come along soon and try to mis-characterize ol' HL's sage sayings but don't let him distract you 'cause as we've both begun to suspect the plain fact of Bob's m.o. (in support I further suspect of his "self-worth") is that he's simply taking whatever arbitrary line as he's presented to remain the D&N contrarian.


The right scares people with similar stuff, such as non-existent caravans of invaders from South America that disappear shortly after 2018 off-year elections. I won't bore you with any more of the very long list. Fear is a great means of persuasion all the way down to selling pimple cream by implying that if you're spotty you'll never get laid.

Your support for a BMI is inconsistent with Libertarianism, at least the American variety, but I didn't have you pegged for a commie. Come to think of it though, you want to take innocent kids out of public, community monitored schools and put them into privately run reeducation facilities. That's actually more totalitarian than commie, but I can see how you could confuse the two. The "no borders" idea is right out of a hippie pipe full of PCP enhanced bud.

I remember reading somewhere that Libertarianism is sometimes used in political science courses as an example of a system that can't possibly work. Here's a real world story:


Mencken had it pegged, didn't he? You do know he's best known for reporting on the Scopes Monkey Trial, right? He was an aggressive atheist and made great fun of the Tennessee locals and the three-time-loser religious populist presidential candidate William Jennings Bryan:

"Then began one of the clearest, most succinct and withal most eloquent presentations of the case for the evolutionists that I have ever heard. The doctor was never at a loss for a word, and his ideas flowed freely and smoothly. Darrow steered him magnificently. A word or two and he was howling down the wind. Another and he hauled up to discharge a broadside. There was no cocksureness in him. Instead he was rather cautious and deprecatory and sometimes he halted and confessed his ignorance. But what he got over before he finished was a superb counterblast to the fundamentalist buncombe. The jury, at least, in theory heard nothing of it, but it went whooping into the radio and it went banging into the face of Bryan....

This old buzzard, having failed to raise the mob against its rulers, now prepares to raise it against its teachers. He can never be the peasants' President, but there is still a chance to be the peasants' Pope. He leads a new crusade, his bald head glistening, his face streaming with sweat, his chest heaving beneath his rumpled alpaca coat. One somehow pities him, despite his so palpable imbecilities. It is a tragedy, indeed, to begin life as a hero and to end it as a buffoon. But let no one, laughing at him, underestimate the magic that lies in his black, malignant eye, his frayed but still eloquent voice. He can shake and inflame these poor ignoramuses as no other man among us can shake and inflame them, and he is desperately eager to order the charge.

In Tennessee he is drilling his army. The big battles, he believes, will be fought elsewhere."

That predicted 1980's politics pretty well. You notice how tyrants always take off after teachers and education?


Forgot the link:

"You notice how tyrants always take off after teachers and education?"

Well yes Bob actually I do. So I'm to understand you've finally "got" what, among a host of others Whitewall, is calling 'Cancel Culture'?


No, I'm not clear on what anyone means by Cancel Culture other than an attempt to keep certain groups off social media. Are you for the Russians and Chinese having fake, bot accounts on Facebook, or letting anyone with a buck or ruble place an ad there?

Well just personally Bob as it neither breaks my legs or picks my pocket I don't much care - but then remembering all the hype about the purported $Zillions in FB ads bought during 2016 which turned out to've been less than $110K (see Horowitz testimony before Congress) whether I'm "for" or not don't seem to me to amount to a hill of beans.

Speaking of beans - I think Zimbabwe’s Vice President Kembo Mohadi is looking right at you Bob:

There's you a primer Bob.

You're welcome.


Gosh, I don't know nearly enough about economics to teach a whole country about it. I just hope no one gives them Alan Greenspan's number.

Spiked is the outlet of this guy:

'Mick Hume (born 1959) is a British journalist and author whose writing focuses on issues of free speech and freedom of the press.

Hume was a columnist for The Times for 10 years from 1999, and was described as "Britain's only libertarian Marxist newspaper columnist".'

"Libertarian Marxist". So. you know. I wonder if cancel culture will disappear as a topic right after the presidential election.


I'm having a real problem with links today:

But it turns out I was out of date anyway. Spiked is now edited by Brendan O'Neill and supported by the usual oligarchic right wing puppet masters:

"A joint investigation between DeSmog UK and The Guardian revealed that Spiked US Inc. has received funding from the Charles Koch Foundation."

Yo Bob?

Some comments back you mentioned 'friends owning a bar in Phoenix having some regulars dying' - me then asking some questions?

Don't know why it didn't occur to me then to simply fire off an email to an e-pal of mine living in Arizona who, could probably, enlighten the both of us - checking his blog I see he posted back on the 6th on that very subject:

(You can look far and yon over his blog but you'll not find me commenting thereon so don't get any idea you are gonna be able to argue stuff with me over there. I would hazard to say though I think you'll find his stuff rewarding. Definitely eclectic.)


The bar owner wife was my wife's friend first, and they text often. The bar is probably going to be shut down again, if it isn't already. Your pal's blog is interesting. He really gets into details.

Rather figured you'd enjoy reading there Bob.

The reason I don't comment there is owing to 'the hows and whys' of how I came to be introduced to the blog's author. There was a time (seems ages ago now) I "wasn't allowed" an identifying presence on blogdom but then about 2005 a precursor to what's come to be generally identified as Wiki-Leaks 'outed' me and the rest as they say is history.

But in the early days some particular people "needing/wanting" certain special compartmented (but always of a general rather than an operational nature) informational/background "knowledge" wound up getting me (or my type) as a conduit. But as it's turned out I think I got the better bit of the bargain.

Of course David might disagree with my reckoning - if he remembers how I came to be hanging around this, then, relatively little known UK-based blog! (We had a sort of a mutual acquaintance.)


Belay my saying I got 'the better bit' (at least altogether) because unlike I enjoyed myself in the early years I began running into characters such as yourself Bob.

(No not really Bob, actually I've grown into a sort of a "fondship" with you.)

I kind of like most everyone here too. I ran into David online while he was trolling another blog. He actually has a sense of humor and I thought i'd be more fun to try to troll him than keep reading the other blog, which has a really unfortunate lack of humor and tolerance.

I hope David comes out of his funk soon. SoD isn't as much fun to troll. It's like shooting fish in a barrel.

Bob and all, my mrs drove me to a wee village called Drymen near Loch Lomond yesterday and the local hotel had the garden bar open. I had my first pint since lockdown. I took my time and enjoyed my pint of San Miguel. As all public toilets are now closed and the plastic milk carton came in handy on the way home. Us old soldiers are resilient as Cpl Duff will testify.

"First pint since lockdown" Jimmy Glesga?!!!

You know you can go blind from doing that! (In news from the covid front we've been discussing Bob:

"Earlier, the Washington Post, the New York Times, and the Wall Street Journal all reported a crush of infected people from Mexico coming over the Arizona and California borders, although the publications say all appear to be American expatriates, dual citizenship holders, and Mexican legal permanent residents."

(I pasted that pullquote Bob so you wouldn't dismiss the source outta hand.)


I never dismiss the sources, though I might not take them seriously. I've seen that story elsewhere and it's not hard to believe. Central and South America have a lot of hot spots and plenty of Americans and dual citizens travel between here and there. Remember over 300,000 people traveled from China to the US after the pandemic was known. And NYC received plenty from places in Europe, like Italy, that were hot. In large part it's part of the global economy.


I envy you for still being able to drink beer at your age. It started doing impolite things to my gut 10 years ago.

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