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Thursday, 23 July 2020


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Can you explain how when the Scots want (so-called!) independence from Whitehall it's a shame, but when the English whinge about the same from the EU it's the finest thing since Magna Carta?

Bob, so called independence is a correct statement. The nationalists want the EU to run our Fisheries and Agriculture. They want the European Court to have dominance over our Scottish courts. It is not independence. The SNP were fervent anti EEC during the seventies but now they have their snouts in the trough and will not let go.

As I may have written before, when I see how many of my former fellow voters vote for fishwoman and her Schottische Nazionalsozialiste Partei I cringe. I temper my disgust with the thought that it's down to the political parties consistently fail to offer any kind of alternative.


I suppose one man's idea of dominance can be another's idea of cooperation. So I'll ask you then, how is Scotland staying with the EU anti-independent as opposed to staying with Whitehall?:

"The Scottish Government recommended that the Scottish Parliament should not give its consent to the legislation implementing the revised Withdrawal Agreement (the EU (Withdrawal Agreement) Bill) as there is no democratic mandate for withdrawal from the EU in Scotland."

Bob, Scotland voted to remain in the UK 2014. The UK EU 2016 referendum was as it suggests a UK vote. Both legal and lawfully binding votes.

The breakdown in Anglo-Scottish relations is a very real shame but most of it is down to the rabid Scots-Nats and their fanatical drive for (so-called!) independence.

The "breakdown in Anglo-Scottish relations" took a beating after the independence referendum. It's the Brexit referendum that's refueled the fire of Scottish nationalism.

Being British is a sovereignty arrangement, being in the EU is a treaty arrangement. During the Covid crisis the Brexit mob slated the EU for not acting like a state with centralised power, and pointed out the independence of the nation state responses, "Look, that's the EU for you, no power or control whatsoever".

And then the Brexiteers flip and say the EU is not an option of independence for Scotland!

With the Brexiteers, one day the EU is a weak treaty with no substance, the next day it's anti-independence and a termination of sovereignty, whichever to suit that day's argument.

The contradiction and double standards is stark.


Loz, it is of no relevance what brexiteers say. We have left the EU and the transition will end on 31 December 2020 just as the bells ring. I will open my wee special half bottle of Chivas. The remainers played their last card with the Russian nonsense.

Next stop Scexit, Jimmy.

In fact, if Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, and the country-bumpkin regions of England would kindly leave London and the Home Counties to re-join the EU, I will change my mind and claim that Brexit was the best thing since sliced bread!

Imagine London and the Home Counties not having to pay for the rest of the UK's whingeing English country-bumpkins and the last remnants of post-English-empire colonial cling-ons?! We'd be "Rich beyond our wildest dreams!", as Robbie Williams famously remarked!

Ursula and Mutti would practically throw the contents of their combined knicker-drawers at a London & HC Prime Minister who brought the city and all that finance know-how they're missing back into the European fold.

An English speaking city state at the heart of Europe doing the finance and IT. Heaven on earth. And the glorious Home Counties: a nice green patch skirting around the edge of the city limits to go for pleasant walks in - but not too far from civilisation that it starts to smell of shit and the flies become a problem.


I do not know if it was deliberate or not, but the visit to northern isles by Boris was cunning.
The parts of Scotland distant from Central Scotland know that they have nothing to gain from a money hungry SNP, or any other Embra Glesgie politician. And they are the ones that make the money. Fish, oil,farming, tourism, whisky.
If Scotland cuts itself adrift from UK and the EU does not cough up with the readies then there will be a strong movement for Northern Isles independence from Edinburgh Glasgow money black hole.

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