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Friday, 24 July 2020


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'He came in on a happy note and he went out even happier'!
David, do try to delay that second part as long as possible.

David I have a question.

Was Loz (SoD) adopted?

Whitewall, David will be around for as long as the EU have their boots on our territory. He can then retire.

EU debt to GDP ratio is 80%, UK 86%. That's before all the Covid fallout recalibrates the formula. Rishi Sunak's £330bn splurge over Blighty's population and GDP is a much higher surge than the EU's E750bn across their population and GDP.

Plus BoJo was spending like a drunken sailor anyway even before Civid, and if he goes overboard the other lot will double up - red socialist won't be outspent by blue socialists, what would Lenin think?

The Frugal Four will keep a steady hand on the EU tiller - like Dave Cam did for Blighty until the take back control pirates took over.

The IMF will be into Blighty soon enough with bail-out austerity loans that will make eyes water.

Truth is, Blighty is ungovernable and has been since the empire ended and the pol class returned (with one notable decade excepted).

The EU provided a welcome constraint on Blighty's rancid pol class in recent times that flattered to deceive, like Blighty's empire did until it folded.

Blighty's second worst in the world handling of the Covid crisis should tell you all you need to know about what's in store from the Brit pols in the coming economic crisis.


JK, you cannot be serious in suggesting that I actually *chose* the irritating, little twerp!

Mind you, he fights his corner well!

PTE Loz says we are doomed. Yea of little faith. My old man lived through the thirties recession and survived the desert campaign with Monty and came home to austerity and poverty. He died aged 89. A real soldier and loyal to his Queen and Country. He would wonder why people are moaners nowadays.

Well, Jimmy, your old man spent his life where soldiers and bossy boots are best to spend it - in Johnny Foreigner's lands giving him a hard time. Gotta Love them for it.

It's when they come back that it all goes Pete Tong.


Better us getting the oil than the Nazis and Tallies. Also keeping the trade routes open.

If the Scottish National Socialist Party think that an independent Scotland will get a good deal from rejoining the EU they should look at the reward Eire got for it's loyal support during leaving talks with PMTM. It now pays the second highest per capita contributions to Brussels

Thank you, Eric, you just cheered me up enormously!

Eric, ROI also has one of the highest GDP per capita in the developed world ...

GDP per capita ROI

Some of that is made up of the incomes large corporates that ROI's low corporation tax has attracted there. But the rest is due to ROI's membership of the EU and in particular the single market.

ROI did the reform and austerity that the other PIGS didn't do, and turned around their economy after the financial crises. Look at the GDP up-tick after the financial crisis ...

ROI GDP up-tick post-financial crisis

That wasn't large corporates arriving in ROI because they were already there. That was hard cash arriving in the pockets of Irish men and women.

Compared to the impoverished backward place ROI was before it joined the EU, it has flourished. Just as Blighty was doing after the financial crisis 4 years ago, when growth was 3.2%, the deficit falling, debt falling as a percentage of GDP, unemployment at record lows, inflation at records lows, and living standards rising. Blighty and ROI tracked the recommendations of the EU, recovered from the financial crisis, and were prosperous, free and hopeful.

Blighty took a different route 4 years ago. Look at us now.


The ROI GDP up-tick after the financial crisis link above doesn't work, here it is ...

Astonishing turnaround, achieved by reform, adherence to the fiscal obligations of the Euro, and the relentless benefits of Maggie's single market.

Compare to the other PIGS who stubbornly refuse to educate and lead their cretinous peeps to a better place ...


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