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Saturday, 04 July 2020


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Oi, Whiters, have you gone masochist in your old age?

David has a tin ear for this sort of thing, BUT...

Yes, you're right, Richard, not really my type of music but I appreciate the sentiment.

Well Richard since David's tin ear for that sorta thing is so well known how's about this one?

(Today's our Independence Day where the inspiration's come from.)


Totally off topic but well worth reading

Thanks AussieD

My appointment is at 12.00 noon on Tuesday.

Becky is a 42DD, and I have to angle my head backwards to get the full treatment, and walk on air for several minutes afterwards...

If I go over the road to the chemist, Michelle is petite and gorgeous, and has a number 8 hairstyle, and after ruminating about running my fingers through that delightful mass of beauty, I rarely get back to the Golf in one piece...

(The Kent Courier reported today that a gibbering wreck was seen wandering around the village, mumbling inanities and clutching his groceries close to his rather hollow chest, bent double for some reason...)

Whitewall, I am having to log into Fox News to get an alternative view to the BBC and Democrats on Trump. Any other suggestions?

Jimmy, I rarely go to Fox myself but here are a few out of many:

All are pro America, pro Great Britain, pro Western Civ. ie, pro Trump and pro Conservative. They should have links to even more good sites. JK usually has a fine selection himself.

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