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Friday, 17 July 2020


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"Mackay Campbell Duff"...there are not enough colors in the rainbow to cover all the family plaids in her name! David it is a pure wonder you don't wear a kilt to you?

David my English maternal granny was called Jane Calvert Tiffin Graham. Most Scots I know have no time for Sturgeon. Lots of rhetoric from her but no substance.

Reckon this Sturgeon critter is a related species David?

Gots to admit I reckon, that's pretty funny!

It’s a close call. Abbott, Reeves, Pidcock - I could go on.

Glesga wrote: "Most Scots I know have no time for Sturgeon."
Yet they keep on voting for der Schottische Nazionalsocialiste Partei. Words don't fail me, but is it because I'm not a pure-bred Jimmy but an Anglo-Scottish mongrel that I can't get my head around their "thinking" in doing so?

The Jannie, Scotland is split down the middle. Labour imploded in Scotland after the Iraq invasion. The Nationalists have played the anti Tory card well although the Nationalists have done nothing radical.

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