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Tuesday, 21 July 2020


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David, in this "heat" you are struggling with, cold rations may be in order. Do investigate some proper foot wear to keep you upright! As the signs around our retirement community here say "Stay Off the Floor".

Like WW said - invest in proper foot wear! Those old jesus sandals aren't good for stability.
By coincidence, I took a tumble this morning. I was minding my own business, walking down the long lobby from the parking garage to my office. Before I knew it I went down. Just tripped over my own feet, as I have been wont to do all my life (which is why my mother sent me to ballet classes - now I can dance but still cannot walk). Fortunately I did not injure myself-just had trouble getting up. Getting old is not for the faint hearted. Take care of yourself. Memsahib still needs you, as do the rest of us. ;)

Echoing WW and Missred yep David, git yoresef some proper footgear.

But I might go one further and say you might do as I've recently come to ... well 'a conclusion' is probably a bit of a stretch as I ain't quite got around to ordering myself up a pair as I've been thinking I ought. But the truth is usually I remember just not to do it but sometimes, I find myself "accidentally" doing it anyway - walking on turf (lawn/grass) where the occasional hole/unevenness is to be expected. As I did this past July 3rd attending a traditional fish fry neglecting my cane and came to grief barking my shin.

You've seen our baseball catchers I think David? You notice a bit of kit they wear specifically "shin guards"?

Well if I ever get around to getting myself a pair I'll come back and report to you whether it'd be worthwhile for you to consider getting yourself, in addition to the aforementioned proper footgear, a pair of shinguards too!

Even if you don't get better footwear, ditch the flip-flops. Those things are an accident waiting to happen.

That's the very opposite to my experience, where the older you get the further away is the floor.

If you can "fall over", then you're definitely not an Old Geezer. Drunks fall over, and so do children, and piles of books. Old Geezers "have a fall".

Thanks, Bob, but my sandals are not flip-flops, they're just sandals but perhaps a tad larger in the size of the soles.

'W', yet again you sum it up precisely!

Tut, tut, consider yourself bollocked by Sgt-Mjr Whatever-his-name-was, and here's a refresher Pte Duff! ...


And the rest ...


Blimey, SoD, that brought back memories!

Welcome to the club David. I am a couple of years older than you and have found that I am becoming a little unsteady at times. The real problem is that my brain still thinks I am an agile 20 year old with fast reactions. I don't bounce like I used to.

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