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Monday, 27 July 2020


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Education has been the one thing all of us in the West have neglected. In the US, normal people turned their attention elsewhere and left public education ---grades one through college---in the hands of the left. Their handy work is now in the streets. Shame on us normals and congrats to the Aussies! Speaking of gender, it is now clear to see that these riots and protests are heavily led by young educated liberal white women. It is hard to tell if they support Black Lives Matter the concept or more darkly, the BLM Marxist front group. If the latter then God help them for they know not what they do. They will not fare well later.

Come November, either Trump wins and normals have a good chance or the Marxists win. Both scenarios will still leave turmoil in the streets as Marxists will not accept anything but winning, or, they win and will not get along with each other for one minute. After all, the Menshevics fell to the Trotskyists and then all to the Bolshevics. China is keenly interested as well. They desperately need Trump gone. If Dems win, China is pretty much home free as Dems today have more in common with the CCP than they do traditional America.

I view with interest the "militias" coming about, black and white, on the streets of the US. The black ...

Fears of violent clashes in the wake of the protests sweeping the US heightened over the weekend with a show of force by an armed black militia group.

An estimated 2,500 members of the Not F*****g Around Coalition (NFAC) took to the streets of Louisville, Kentucky on Saturday, joining a protest march over police shooting dead Breonna Taylor, a 26-year-old black nurse, in March.

Wearing black combat fatigues and carrying automatic weapons, the group outnumbered a small clutch of Three Percenters, a far-right militia group that also made an appearance at the demonstration.

Their racist, ethnic cleansing message is clear enough ...

Entirely separate from the Black Lives Matter movement, the NFAC is willing to use violence as the group's leader "Grandmaster Jay" – whose real name is John Fitzgerald Johnson – made clear.

"We are all ex-military, we are very disciplined, we are all expert shooters," he said in one recent interview. "We don't want to negotiate, we don't want to sing songs, we don't bring signs to a gunfight. We are an eye for an eye organisation."

Carrying echoes of the Black Panther Movement of the 1960s, the NFAC is militant and separatist, according to Mr Johnson.

"The solution is very simple," he said. "We follow a declaration of liberation, declaring every African descendant of the slave trade a political prisoner here in the United States.

"Then after that, the United States has a choice, they carve us a piece of land out here – we'll take Texas and let us do our own thing – or exodus out of here and go somewhere where they will give us our own land to build our own nation."

One has to wonder if it might not be sensible to go along with them? Having the "Not Fucking Around Coalition", errr, not fucking around (only quoting, Gaffer!) is exactly what we want and solves the problem. Surely there's some shit-hole in the middle of nowhere they can have a go at making a Vegas out of? Or am I right in saying the planet has run out of space including America?

Otherwise, where are the boogie boys to start pulling some triggers and make sure NFAC are NFA by the other means? The "3 percenters", who TF are they? 3%, where are the rest? Too busy playing Call of Duty and masturbating on Incel websites to hook their AR15's out of the locker, no doubt?

I feel sure them white boys (and girls, ooops, cancel, woke correction!) will pull their fingers out and join the party in due course. Maybe after they've got to CoD's top level (the training will come in handy) and raided the Kleenex box.

Then we can have a real live re-run of the "Gunfight at the OK Corral"!

By George and all the Saints, I'm looking forward to seeing that one on the gogglebox! Stand back law enforcement and normals - let the militias go at it! Hold their coats! Perhaps an entrepreneur could offer tickets to socially distanced grandstands and Kevlar suits for spectators in case of stray rounds?


The 3 percenters are a rightist militia that knows as little about history as their leftist counter parts. They believe that 3% of the population was all that won the war for independence in 1776. The proper percent was more like 30%. The 3% no more represent normal America than do these NFAC loons represent black Americans or even liberal/Democrat Americans. I would be happy to grant them a territory and all the blacks go with them that want to. One way ticket only. Mogadishu will result.
This article features a photo of an obelisk erected in a grave yard in 1890 warning of the treachery of the "Democratic" party. I have seen one in a cemetery about an hour west of me while searching for long dead relatives. The warning holds true today as the "Democratic" party has shown its true color.

Don't worry about us. The woke left is more than compensated for by the authoritarian, fascist right. If Obama had sent militarized federal police, against the wills of state and local authorities, to fire tear gas and rubber bullets at Tea Party rallies, that might have ended the Republic.

Bob, Obama sent the IRS against the TEA Party. Much worse than tear gas. We haven't forgotten.

The writer makes a good point. The Left wants its new Confederacy in the Northwest. Okay.

Mmm, sounds like a fairly even fight when everyone shows up.

Mind, I think we're gonna need a bigger corral.


"If Obama" Bob?

Notice the date - 04 April 2016:

Then find when these statutes were revised and at whose behest:

"The authoritarian, fascist right" eh Bob?


"This intelligence assessment focuses on individuals with BIE ideological motivations who have committed targeted, premeditated attacks against law enforcement officers since 2014. This assessment does not address BIEs who have attacked law enforcement officers during the course of officers’ routine duties, such as responding to calls and traffic stops, in which violent actions were reactionary in nature."

But you're right Bob, the woke left (and I particularly relish how you've opened "Don't worry about us") has been, in the present, "more than compensated."


Did you read the sections of the US code you linked? They're about federalizing state troops. The sometimes unmarked feds sent in to shoot at protestors are not them. Furthermore, the code doesn't obviate the Constitution, and there's evidence some of the "feds" could be from Eric Prince's private army.

There's been plenty of violence on the right:

"Accused Killer Of California Cops Was Associated With Right-Wing 'Boogaloo Movement'"

And you might consider the several wingnuts who've run vehicles into protestors.

I'm with SoD on this one. By "us" I meant the United States, but you already knew that.

Btw, the last time there was a big call for gun control was when the Black Panthers were carrying guns around in public. Think there will be a similar reaction because of the BLM loons?

" ... [H]e may call into Federal service such of the militia of any State, and use such of the armed forces ... The President, by using the militia or the armed forces, or both, or by any other means, shall take such measures as he considers necessary to suppress, in a State, domestic violence, if it so hinders the execution of the laws of that State, and of the United States within the State, that any part or class of its people is deprived of a ... protection named in the Constitution and secured by law, and the constituted authorities of that State are unable, fail, or refuse to protect ..." &c.

So far as "wingnuts" [running] vehicles into [presumably "peaceful"] protestors I have to ask, should you find yourself surrounded by, again presumably, "peaceful protestors" (seems odd though somehow to me that "peaceful protestors peacefully petitioning the government, would be presenting their petitions in what, appears to me, non-government traffic)

Anyway Bob I have to ask, should you find yourself out for a Sunday drive and suddenly surrounded by a bunch of "people" whose intent you do not know, but whose demeanor gives you the impression they may be about to pull a "Reginald Denny" with you being the Reginald Denny would you be tempted to, as they say in LE circles, "flee the scene"?

I know how I'd very likely respond.

Apologies. "Think a similar call because of BLM loons?"

Might surprise you Bob but I, personally, hope not.

It's not about me. It's about right wing violence:

"There have been at least 66 incidents of cars driving into protesters from May 27 to July 6, including 59 by civilians and seven by law enforcement, according to Ari Weil, a terrorism researcher at the University of Chicago's Project on Security and Threats. Weil began tracking the incidents as protests sprung up in the wake of George Floyd's death in police custody.

There have been two fatalities – in Seattle and in Bakersfield, California – and at least 24 of the civilian cases have been charged by law enforcement, Weil said."

Some of the drivers might have just been scared, but clearly not all of them.

Then there was this:

Just because Trump can do something in theory doesn't mean it's Constitutional. There are several investigations ongoing, and several states have refused to let the so-called federal troops in.

Pretending only the left is ever violent won't wash:

"Timothy McVeigh, who carried out the bombing of the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City in 1995. McVeigh was executed in June 2001 for perpetrating the worst act of domestic terrorism ever conducted in the United States. More recently, on January 25, 2002, anti-abortion extremist Clayton Lee Waagner was given a combined sentence of over 30 years in prison for various theft and firearms violations. Waagner is also suspected of sending over 250 hoax anthrax letters to reproductive services clinics in October and November 2001."

I used an old source that mentioned McVeigh, but the problem is getting worse:

"Right-wing attacks and plots account for the majority of all terrorist incidents in the United States since 1994, and the total number of right-wing attacks and plots has grown significantly during the past six years. Right-wing extremists perpetrated two thirds of the attacks and plots in the United States in 2019 and over 90 percent between January 1 and May 8, 2020."

Bob, I have been watching some violent footage from the USA. People getting their heads kicked in on the streets. Seems you Yanks have lost the plot in life.

You're aware Bob there's "work" going on at Wikipedia?

So. Sixty-six incidents with twenty-four charged.

How many do you suppose have been totally adjudicated? Heck Bob even got all the way out of just the arraignment phase? How's about, given that you're from Indiana ... Anyway look at this mugshot; look like your typical right-wing terrorist that that Ari Weil guy would say she is?

She was charged incidentally, two felony counts so we can basically assume she was in that twenty-four that were charged. Hell for all we know she made csis' analysis too since, like it say's in your quote of the stats, "between January 1 and May 8, 2020" (Nope, the ABC headline's dated June - but still she's very likely among Weil's accounting as I figure his methodology to've been just getting the stats together rather than reading entire case studies - I could be wrong.)

"Pretending only the left is ever violent won't wash:"

Now Bob. Oh Bob. You really figure that's gonna wash with the way I look at stuff? Now I can't really get into "personal stuff" 'cause I make every effort to stay true to however many NDAs I may've signed but your including anything OKBOMB is particularly galling:

Read the comments on that thread - anything 'pop out' at you where the commentor labeled himself "Aim9" is concerned? You aware, where the subject of that Encyclopedia of Arkansas article linked the current serving Governor of Arkansas was then USAG for the Western District of Arkansas and he'd put in a request to DoD for "active duty military personnel to disarm [some stuff]" "Some stuff" to include Aim 9s or as they're more commonly known, Stinger air-to-air missiles. Really Bob there's a helluva lot you ain't got no fucking clue about. (I'm not here violating any non-disclosure agreement because Hutchinson's request is in the FOIA'd report the Bureau released on the matter - roundabouts page 149 if memory serves.)

But it's probably better that way - lessens the chance of you suffering from insomnia or something.

"The problem is getting worse."

You seem pretty certain of that Bob. Myself? Well I hope not.

Bob & JK. Give me a week in the USA and it would be sorted. I would need a map!

One last observation Bob.

Generally speaking whenever I'm looking into the reliability of any organization's product typically I'll check for studies of both right and left originating threats.

What gets my 'spidey senses' tingling is when I can easily find in whatever organization's database beau coup instances of one of either ideological bent but when there's a definite dearth of studies (analyses) examining threats emanating from 'the other side of the rainbow' ... Well let me simply say I question whether I should really depend on what I'm reading.

Your mileage may vary of course.

We could use the help Glesga, consider yourself welcome anytime.


It makes no sense to claim any source that recognizes right wing terrorism is doing so because of political slant. But if that makes you happy, stick with it.


Look into FBI's database, there you'll find analyses on right, left, anarchist, Islamist, Chechen, Puerto Rican, Hutsi/Tutsi, and nation state instigated via proxy terrorism.

Now look at that site you've provided - insert as many keywords as you can brainstorm into their search function making an "honest effort" to find if you can detect a possible agenda. Not saying there is one ol' pal - notice I began that last to you as "one last observation" rather than construing it as a statement of fact.

This little exercise, honestly conducted Bob may reveal for you how we two individually approach the study of any thing that's possibly got a "ideological derivation" to it then, possibly, reveal who's the better at 'checking bias' at the door.

However All Y'all,

Ol' JK is as perfectly capable of provided obviously biased commentary as well as Bob does.

Albeit in a vastly more informing and entertaining way.

JK, a bit of familiarisation on the firing range is all I need.

We can arrange that Glesga, if you don't mind taking a hop from whichever international airport you arrive at directly to the Bill and Hillary Clinton Airport in Little Rock Arkansas, I'll pick you up at the curb - I have on my pickup's windscreen a decal permitting such.

Then we'll drive 140 minutes north to a friend of mine's 3000 acre "farm" which, conveniently, contains a 160 acres dedicated to just the sort of familiarization you inquire of - have a particular firearms platform preference or, if you'd like, an assortment to choose from?

One word of advisement however - just now practice ammo is kinda pricey.

Oh and dress for hot and humid. I'll supply the tick/mosquito repellent. And the snakebite protective leggings.

All I'd ask of you is an assortment of single malts - I've got Barney supplying me Glenfiddich pretty consistently now so surprise me at your recommendation.


Better send that link to the Ari Weil guy because, looks like, them elderly female rightwing terrorists is still up to no good.

The potential for more rundowns of "peaceful protestors" does, as you've now convinced me, look definitively ominous.


Does your mate have the following? : -

A Brown Bess
A Charleville
A Baker Rifle
A Bren
A Vickers Medium
An MG42 (or 34 will do)
A PanzerSchreck (or if not, the original: a bazooka)
An SLR and a GPMG (for nostalgic reasons)
An AK47

3 rounds each for the muskets and rifle, one round each for the anti-tank weapons, and a magazine or belt of link for the others.

If so, indicate price?


Well Loz I'm not sure about the muskets but he does have some number of what we call over here "muzzleloaders" in .38, .40 & .50 I'm sure of, I think maybe going up to around .80 but there is one example of something he calls a "Puntgun" which looks, while kinda intriguing, seems to me to probably be a little over-arduous to bother much with though I'd allow that, if anything's actually hit with it it'd be blasted to smithereens.

There is a Vickers but not a Bren, will a Browning in .45 do?

Several AKs are at hand but admittedly the AR platform (in several calibers) are more plentiful. No RPGs (that I know of but it wouldn't surprise me if the puntgun could be loaded up with a suitable explosive charge) I don't know what a GPMG is but why in the world would you list an SLR; those are pre-digital cameras ain't they?

There are some number of belts in the bunker but other than those for the Browning M-2s I don't know what those're for. (Incidentally where the .50 singles used to be eight bucks now they're closer to eighty - maybe a bit cheaper for re-loads but I'd have to ask.)

My friend is likely getting his cheaper but I'm getting quoted $550/1000 for 5.56 slightly more (!) for .223. (Fortunately for me back just as the coincident toilet paper run began a friend from another state emailed me his shop was getting "cleared of stock" so I had the opportunity of laying in a good supply of .22s which, though seemingly to maybe your British sensibilities would be BBs I've got for one of my ARs one of these:

Oh I almost forgot - there's five cannon (our Civil War era) on the courthouse lawn that I figure we could borrow if maybe with your English accent you'd agree to dress up in a red coat and accompany me to the county judge's office to make the plea.)


From the FBI:

"Domestic terrorists are individuals who commit violent criminal acts in furtherance of ideological goals stemming from domestic issues. A majority of our domestic terrorism cases fall into one of four categories: racially motivated violent extremism, anti-government/anti-authority extremism, animal rights/environmental extremism, and abortion extremism."

That's 3 types of right wing terrorist and 2 left wing.

I can't find the FBI's database. If you have the link please post it.

The dear old SLR, broke down into 7 bits, if I remember rightly, which was perfect for me! I'm not much of a handyman ...

8 bucks now 80! Blimey, these boys'll need a flippin' mortgage! ...

Listen to that sound at the very end! Like ripping a ruddy great piece of kitchen floor lino!

Thanks for lookin', but I think I'll wait until the market finds its feet again - bloody laissez-faire economics, eh?!


I suppose I might add Bob, you might not be able to reach the vault from a public wireless network (I suspect you spend alot of your free time at places such as Starbucks for instance).

And, when you do this from home your computer will be pinged and your IP permanently recorded. Might find yourself *noted in your nearest regional fusion center.

Now with that said, go get 'em Buster!

Yeah Loz, not a good time for casual plinking off fifties.


Thanks, but there's not much useful in the vault since very little is current. You can find more information by searching

Neither is an actual data base that can spit out statistics. They're just collections of press releases and essays. And if you think the FBI doesn't already have access to everyone's IP and device fingerprint you're a little behind the times. They also have access to OS back doors. Sadly, privacy is a thing of the past. I'll keep looking for some other agency's terrorism stats.

"And if you think the FBI doesn't already have access"?

That's from 2008 Bob, for further reading check into 'The Quantico Circuit' reading up on, especially, how it was "discovered" - makes for interesting reading.

You are aware are you not Bob that we owe DARPA for the internet are you not? You've read my *hints that I MAY HAVE got a check or two from a not particularly civilian entity. (I don't think I need to punctuate that with an interrogatory.)

As for the Bureau's 'working database' spend a little quiet time pondering what sort of particular credentials one might be required to possess for access.

One works with what one's got Bob - I've given you the key but I ain't gonna tote your clubs.

Oops. Sorry.

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