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Thursday, 09 July 2020


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Unemployment is probably low because we employ so many people in the public sector. If we binned all the jobs that aren't worth doing, I'm betting unemployment would be a great deal higher

The pay wall problem, but are employment numbers broken out by sector and also, are gains/losses in government employment given as well?

Bull's eye Bucko!

The productivity gap between Blighty and the US, Germany and France was 30%, 20%, 10% if I remember rightly?

Imagine being 10% less productive than France, ffs!

Blighty's black hole of productivity and fake jobs is in the public sector and the large private monopoly and cartel corporations.

The NHS, for example: 1.3/1.5m staff (depending on who you refer to), the fifth largest employer in the world. Only the People's Republic of China's Army, the US DoD, Walmart, and MacDonald's have more employees. And yet they build four new hospitals but don't have enough doctors and nurses to put in them! A productivity epic fail hiding in plain view!

Let's say we lifted our game to France's level of productivity - not exactly an ask - that'd be 10% of the workforce unemployed. The workforce being 30m would yield 3m unemployed before the Covid fallout even kicks in. If Covid puts another 3m on top of that you're in melt-down territory. At 6m unemployed Mrs T II is really going to have her work cut out - 2x the mess the original Iron Lady had to clear up!

The reason so many jobs are vacant - as per Andrew Lilico's observations - is precisely because of the anti-market obstructions already in place even before Rishi Sunak's "push water uphill" feat: people shackled to old fake jobs and prevented from going to the market for reallocation to the vacancies for real jobs - so the real jobs stay vacant.

It's truly so broken.


And yet they build four new hospitals but don't have enough doctors and nurses to put in them!

Ah, the old empty hospital trick

Brill, good spot OzD!


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