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Tuesday, 28 July 2020


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The Soviets, the Chinese etc all found that reality is what it is. There is simply too much video around, some from local media affiliates. Reality doesn't stop being even though one refuses to believe it. Democrats are following Russia and China and, oh yes, the lovable "Baghdad Bob" of Gulf War fame. All this because they have refused to accept an election they lost four years ago. Third world stuff.

Heck David,

Had you just noted the comment wherein I left this link (immediately below) you'd have got the same - but more readily "acceptable" to the likes of "our" Bob - idea but without having to resort to the unacceptable to "our" Bob, linking to American Thinker.

And as I put it down below, "in a vastly more informing and entertaining way."

Gaaaard Bob! Ya gotta watch this, something I just know we'll both agree on!

Put your headphones on and make sure you un-mute for the mebbe two minute video this Ryan Long character I never heard of supposedly being comedy but which I think is - perhaps accidentally - the God's Honest Truth!


G'day JK

Off topic but should be of interest to an old sailor. Probably the best synopsis of the battle of Jutland I have come across.

M'Tnx AussieD, I'll likely tho' ave to wait to this evenin' to watch it thru - got some tasks tasked. An' daylights burnin

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