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Thursday, 30 July 2020


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He is also a plagairist. He is not mentally competent (no matter what Bob says) and whoever he picks as VP will become the POTUS within a month. Be very scared.

Indeed, Miss Red, that is a terrifying thought!

The words that are coming out of Joe's mouth now and the clothes he is having to wear now are none of his naturally. For a newly minted "progressive", he has a terrible record going back forty some years. He is simply a figure to vote for. The people behind him who will staff up the federal agencies are the danger. If he does chose a black woman as VP running mate, her only job will be to be there and be black. It's the people we don't see who will wield the power. Closet Marxists. Red shot through and through.

I've already commented here that Joe is probably in some stage of cognitive decline. However, the only thing that matters to a likely large majority of voters is that he's not totally vulgar, incompetent, sociopathic, dishonest, and a Russian asset.

Russian asset...Bob you are dribbling phony conspiracy down your chin and bib. He and his son Hunter are wealthier because of their dealings with China. Joe would be China's "boy" in the WH.

And you should read something other than right wing blogs, Whitewall. Have you forgotten Trump siding with Putin against US intelligence agencies in Helsinki?:

How about him giving TS intelligence to Russians in the oval office in a meeting where no other Americans were allowed? Lately there's this:

"There is no way to explain President Trump’s lack of action in response to U.S. intelligence showing Russia paid bounties for the murder of American soldiers.

Even worse, there is no explanation for why Congressional Republicans aren’t raising hell over Trump’s silence.

Some military veterans are speaking up:

“Putin pays bounties to Taliban enemies to kill American soldiers and not a word from Donald Trump,” says the narrator in an ad from the group ‘VoteVets.’

In a different ad from the same group, the narrator says: “Benedict Arnold can step aside, because Benedict Donald is America’s number one traitor.”

I get uneasy when political players start throwing around loaded words like 'traitor.'"

You only see what you want to see.

In case you want to dismiss an opinion piece:


Trump spoke with Putin on Thursday, but said he did not raise the issue with him, adding that “many people” said the intelligence reports were “fake news.”

When asked whether he had ever raised the topic with the Russian president, Trump flat-out stated: “I have never discussed it with him.”

Last month, the New York Times, citing intelligence officials, reported that Russia offered and paid money to Taliban militants to kill U.S. forces in Afghanistan in 2019.

Trump was reportedly briefed about the intelligence reports in February and was presented with a menu of options, but no action was taken. (Some outlets have reported that Trump may not have read the briefing.)"


"Trump Pushed CIA to Give Intelligence to Kremlin, While Taking No Action Against Russia Arming Taliban ...

First, President Trump decided not to confront Putin about supplying arms to the terrorist group. Second, during the very times in which U.S. military officials publicly raised concerns about the program’s threat to U.S. forces, Trump undercut them. He embraced Putin, overtly and repeatedly, including at the historic summit in Helsinki. Third, behind the scenes, Trump directed the CIA to share intelligence information on counterterrorism with the Kremlin despite no discernible reward, former intelligence officials who served in the Trump administration told Just Security."

But 3 years of investigation and the Special Counsel came up empty. Never Trump sites and Never Trump operatives in any agency including military are just that. We've already been here and this story is just next, there will be another and another.

The Special Counsel did not come up empty. There were several indictments and Trump was impeached. He was the first president to go to trial who wasn't unanimously voted for by his own party. And there's a chance he'll be the first Republican in a long time who doesn't win the military vote. It's going to be interesting to see where his money has come from and gone once his tax returns are finally examined.

Sorry about the rant. Trump wasn't impeached directly because of the special council's report, but it did result in several indictments and convictions.

Special Counsel resulted in total of 37 indictments, and out of those only 7 guilty pleas and only 5 of those given jail time.

As for his tax returns, don't look for them before November. The Supreme Court ruling was for New York State grand jury. The court rejected the US House's attempt to get a look at Trump taxes, kicking it back to the lower courts.

"[T]he New York Times, citing intelligence officials, reported that Russia offered and paid money to Taliban militants to kill U.S. forces in Afghanistan in 2019."

Of all the bullshit The New York Times has "cited" that's the bulliest bullshit they've managed.

I didn't read the NYT's piece so I don't know but I'm betting the NYT quoted (again - after many times and oft) "sources, familiar with [whatever] but not authorized to speak on the record" say [claim] The Russians The Russians The Russians! again after DNI Grenville declassified and released to the public the 53 transcripts of sworn testimony House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff, contrary to his [Adam Schiff D-CA] public promises to do otherwise, blocked from public access the transcripts IG Horowitz quoted from during his [IG Horowitz'] sworn testimony before the House Intel Committee contradicting everygoddamnthing each, in their roles as 'former IC now cum [and in their new status 'cum' = precisely] talking heads' said on TV while saying the exact opposite when under oath.

(Apologies for the construction of that)


How's the brainstorming keywords for the FBI Vault going Bob?

If it's anything like the brainstorming the NYT folks are asserting about giving the Taliban an incentive to do what they already were intensely interested in doing free of charge good luck with that.


It's not Biden who the Republicans and the sane (not necessarily the same people) have to fear, but who is chosen to be his running mate. If Biden is elected, I would suggest that, after a respectable (not a word the Democrats are familiar with) period of time, Biden will resign for health reasons and the VP will take over. Then the fun will begin. Trump will be arrested on trumped (sorry!!) up charges, as will his main supporters; Shrillary will host a huge barbecue lit with certain official papers; Ghislane Maxwell will commit suicide by shooting herself twice in the back of the head; and all the incriminating evidence she had will be filed in a safe in the Oval Office, to he used as necessary.
America, welcome to year zero.


I haven't bothered looking for a source for terrorism stats for a few days. I'm bored with that for now. If you think the only information sources that are correct are those you agree with and aren't criticized by Fox News prime time, you don't have a clue about how propaganda works.


Thanks for inserting precise facts. I won't be surprised if the Trumpers and most Republicans can keep the tax returns out of the news until next year.


Since you reminded me, here's a searchable database maintained by a reputable university:

You are welcome, Bob. You seem to have a habit of posting misleading information. You must really be bored.

Yes! The Special Counsel did come up empty in regards to their primary investigation, interference in the 2016 election, (which you neglected to clarify) as none of the charges involved a conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia. Although out of the 37 indictments, 26 involved Russia. But then again, those indictments were on unrelated issues to the Trump campaign and/or collusion. Those charges were conspiracy to commit wire/bank fraud, identity theft and money laundering. The 5 guilty pleas consisted mostly of lying to the FBI, again on unrelated issues, many stemming from years prior to 2016. You might as well get off that horse; it is dead, not going to take you anywhere.

As for the rest of your rant, that is just what it is “a rant”. A deeply more accurate research will do wonders for you.

You are welcome


Just read the links on the left of the page. The investigation found plenty of Russian interference in the 2016 election:

Where is the collusion, Bob?

I see on page 24 of Bob's DoJ link, that in the $billion[s] bucks campaign of last go round "Russia spent" $100K on FB ads Ups.

Maybe that's the collusion Bob refers to?

(On the other hand the case that was taken to court and duly contested got thrown out [by the presiding Judge] for "lack of evidence" so. So long as we're not inhabiting Bobworld there is that.)

By the way Bob it occurred to me last night that if Russia really was interested in spending its money to "kill Americans" wouldn't it make more economic sense to, rather than invest with the Taliban invest instead with the Cook county Illinois government? Or, better yet, Chicago's City Hall?

Or even better, in the interests of keeping their investments consolidated invest solely in Chicago's 'First Family'?

Caution All - Still it's easy to tell which is 'the husband' because that's generally the one wearing the pants.

If anybody does get sick don't blame me because I'm some number of states away, Bob's borders the place.

Rosenstein was very generous giving The Special Counsel plenty of latitude with very few restrictions.

FB accounts could be what Bob refers to.

Or this: A memorandum dated August 2, 2017, confirmed that the Special Counsel had been authorized since his appointment to investigate allegations that three Trump campaign officials—Carter Page, Paul Manafort, and George Papadopoulos—“committed a crime or crimes by colluding with Russian government officials with respect to the Russian government’s efforts to interfere with the 2016 presidential election.” Note the words in italics.

He likes to move goal posts out to left field, so maybe he is just bored.

Paul Manafort received the brunt of things. Charged with Two federal cases tax and bank fraud, money laundering and obstruction=7.5 years and pay $12 million in restitution.

JK, I get it! Chicago is more dangerous than the Taliban and just as foreign! Maybe it would be a better idea to send Chicago and some of those "Pro Trump Extremists" after the Taliban. I mean, if Vlad tells Trump it's OK.

Up2L8, Make a little effort:

At least read the "Executive Summary to Volume I" and "IV.CONCLUSION"

The "Executive Summary to Volume I" might be a very long and difficult slog, but you'll find it describes the Russian's interference and how the Trump campaign was involved.

Hint: "IV.CONCLUSION" is interesting for what it doesn't say.

Or just go ahead and pretend it doesn't say what it does. The choice is yours.


My post at 22:57 (The above) was in response to your 21:58 post.

Noticed I failed to make that distinction when posting.

Keep reaching, Bob.

Keep pretending it says something that it doesn't say.

Read it, again nothing there.

Show the convictions of Trump campaign collusion.

Something of a busted flush, I'd say, Bob.

Meanwhile, more rumblings about the Dem establishment's use of state resources like their own private investigation service ...


I guess, given what's at stake in November for Trumpers, Dems, and Vlad, if any side has got any serious ammo left it's going to be dispatched onto the field of glory PDFQ.

Question is: which way would Vlad go if he had the remaining Clinton emails and the piss-party tapes?

Which would be more beneficial to the Rooskies: an allegedly pro-Rooskie Trump II administration (release the Clinton emails and hold back the piss-party tapes), or, a rabid leftist Dem administration that would send the US into oblivion (release the piss-party tapes and hold back the Clinton emails)?

Both rather pleasing from Vlad's perspective, a "better class of problem" as they say. Some chin scratching to be had in the Kremlin no doubt.

And is it not the case that the next few months to November is surely the endgame in this mini-epoch for the use of such ammo - the time to use it or lose it? What use if the targets sink into obscurity as time moves on: Trump gone on the right, and Clinton's displaced by establishment-hating radicals impervious to any damage to past figures with whom they dissociated on the left?

And therefore, more to the point: if the ammo is not forthcoming on the field of glory by November, is it not the case that it simply doesn't exist?

Ah, in the modern globalised world: the truth and Johnny Foreigner always decides - hear ye, Brexiteers.



The National Review piece is as silly a bit of deflection as it is predictable. There are so many examples of Trump playing either minion or useful idiot to Vlad at this point there's no doubt where he stands.

The answer to your question is that Vlad would continue to help Trump, and with far more sophisticated techniques than were used in 2016. An America controlled by oligarchs is what he wants. That's also what the professional Republican party wants.


Nothing whatsoever to do with what's being covered on this thread previously (Covid now); just attempting to bring the following to your attention.

That first as you can see is a filing in a Court of Jurisdiction - Should be interesting to follow. The second is to a recently published study the medical professionals [I'm in personal contact with] pointed me to as 'important to be aware of as HCQ may indeed be effective as a prophylactic against SARS type coronaviruses generally. These medicos are, for a large part, ER and 'early admitting stage MDs' on the front lines.

*Note - They are saying "effective against SARS type but the data is incomplete to that of the latest iteration of what is, in the literature being called 'the novel coronavirus.'"

However they all say definitively "We've not lost a single patient we've managed in the presenting stages with HCQ." And, "None of these so treated patients have required intubation."

I've replied with a further inquiry as to what age cohort these patients are mostly of but am still waiting further response.

As we've mutually acknowledged Bob neither of us are qualified to express anything other than opinion - just figured since I told you I'd get back to you I should.

The psychiatrists I put your question to about my being affected expressed individually however a 'commonality of response' I sorta/kinda think I'm qualified to make is, "Where'd that nut [you Bob apparently] attend school?"

Advise me Bob where and I'll fill 'em in.


There's a big difference between controlled studies and anecdotal or only minimally controlled studies. You should take the time to read this:

"Three big studies dim hopes that hydroxychloroquine can treat or prevent COVID-19"

The psychiatrists you know are quacks.

I've been saying for years that our best geostrategic option would be to make common cause with Russia against China. Given recent developments, the case for this is even stronger.

But no: anything short of brinksmanship with Russia is considered being a Russian "asset", which makes rapprochement with Moscow politically impossible. So we have not only an existential conflict with China (which hates us and is utterly ruthless), but also a simmering cold war with our strongest potential ally. Great plan.

As for the election: if you love the way things are going in the wake of the Great Awokening (I won't bother to make a list, as we all know what I'm talking about) -- if you think, for example, that it's great that a professional sports-coach now is expected to explain why he doesn't kneel for the National Anthem -- then vote for Joe Biden, and for whichever angry Alinskyite revolutionary he chooses to succeed him in a few months when his dementia reduces him to trying to find the golf channel on the cable remote.

If, on the other hand, you actually still nurse any fondness for the proud American nation we grew up in, and hope to stave off the deluge for four short years to buy time to try, in desperation, to think of some way to build some kind of an ark for a dying nation and culture, then vote for Donald Trump.

This is not a thing that people can argue productively about, it seems (see thread above!), so why bother? I think we should all just choose sides. Then we can talk about the weather, or something, or tell jokes.

"I've been saying for years that our best geostrategic option would be to make common cause with Russia against China."

And Malcolm I'm pretty sure you'd heard from me - and this pre-Russia going into Syria circa 2013-14[?] - that 'the easiest way to "handle the Syria situation" would be for we and Russia (because except for the UK the rest of the EU is utterly useless) to get with, possibly Israel except any Israeli assistance'd have to be compartmented TS because of the neighborhood's animosities. At any rate the US and Russia acting in concert would be about the only way to effect acceptable change.'

(I'd have to get into my back archived policy papers I prepared and submitted to [certain parties] for their consideration. But my memory informs me that's damn close to my then opinion.)

An opportunity lost and all because of TDS. Damn shame.

Golly, it sure is unsettling this world is always changing. There's hope, though. Scientist have found there are probably plenty of other habitable planets:

So what you Nervous Norvus's need is a spaceship big enough to get you all there. How many cubits long, wide and high do you think you'd need? Tip: Gopher wood won't hold up to meteorites or hard vacuum.

Since it's time for jokes, and probably none of you Brits have ever heard of Nervous Norvus:


"Golly, it sure is unsettling this world is always changing. There's hope, though. Scientist have found there are probably plenty of other habitable planets..."

Good grief, what snotty, puerile, fatuous mush. Are there no imaginable changes, then, that you think good people ought to resist? Is bloodless, supine, lily-livered acquiescence as belligerent ignoramuses defile your altars and piss on the graves of your fathers your idea of manly vigor?

Disgusting. People like you are why civilizations die.


I hope you'll comment here more often. You have a flair for the dramatic and dedication to mythology that's really engaging.

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