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Wednesday, 08 July 2020


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This piece is a very good start. My home state-North Carolina-and my region-the old confederacy-has seen a lot of this current race turmoil before. It all has its root in class war as in who will have and keep power. Next is the "culture war" phase which provides cover for the final act which is always race. The white Democrat has never in 200 years let go of black people. By one form or another, be it chains or detrimental laws or today, government programs and paperwork and welfare payments of one kind or another-the goal is the same. Blacks weak and dependent on the goodness of the white Democrat political master.

Today it is ironic that Democrat governors and mayors are tearing down monuments to Confederate and Jim Crow era Democrats no matter what they did later in life. The Woke fascists are allowing no "context" crap in their zeal to invoke "presentism" on people and events from the past. No "context" and no nuance. They don't want to hear it. No iconoclast ever does. So be it.

This sums up the current performance:

Blacks weak and dependent on the goodness of the white Democrat political master.

And not just the Dems, the Left Axis of hard and liberal leftists worldwide is a second black exploitation project by white people. Look at the mass murder in Africa by Greta's Green Blob not letting them have a fossil fuel powered electricity grid. 600,000 lung disease deaths a year due to breakfast, lunch and dinner cooked on indoor barbecues. A sleight of political hand Auschwitz projected into their own homes.

It's like the hard right of the world downed tools 75 years ago and the Left Axis said "Oooh, that'll do nicely!" and picked them all up!

Today it is ironic that Democrat governors and mayors are tearing down monuments to Confederate and Jim Crow era Democrats

The Dem party is itself the biggest monument to Confederate and Jim Crow era Democrats, and therefore by their own logic the first and most worthy of tearing down! Irony is an understatement!

The Don's mob and the rest of the Goppers need to "down tools" on each other and start rallying together in a Right Alliance. Else we'll have to set the Boogaloo on them as the last line of defence.


SoD, somebody pointed out that the Dem party itself was ripe for "cancelling" because of just what you say. It is the ultimate monument. Also, wait til the woke mob gets a good look at the deity named FDR. He allowed lynch mobs to go on while courting Southern voters. He also allowed thousands of Japanese Americans to be put in concentration camps after Pearl Harbor. I'm not sure if the imprisonment ranks highest or the lynching does. The Wokesters will have to decide.

Until about 50 years ago the Democrats were the party of the "solid South", which closely corresponds to the Confederate States of America, or slave holding states. That changed most markedly with the Kennedy and Johnson passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

What all your typing shows, SoD, is that you understand nothing about American political parties, which don't adhere to social philosophies like European parties. On civil rights they've nearly completely traded places since the '60's. The South is now solidly Republican.

The Woke fascists are allowing no "context" crap in their zeal to invoke "presentism" on people and events from the past. No "context" and no nuance. They don't want to hear it. No iconoclast ever does. So be it.

You aren't up to snuff with the cancel-woke culture, Bob. Young people don't know history. The Dems still have the Civil Rights canard to keep blacks on the plantation. Each generation gets less "civilized" from historical ignorance.

Drat! When I read SoD’s screed I thought to myself, how long would it take for Bob to trot out the old saw about the parties trading places wrt black repression. Too quickly to find someone to take the bet. :)

A bit like the NYT trying to rewrite the history of the United States.

I would humbly suggest Bob, your appreciation of "the solid south" isn't up to the usual standards you'd have us believe you set for yourself.

(Although I'd admit where the Ozarks especially is concerned, historically speaking, it is a rather unique region.)

One last something occurs Bob, you remember ever actually reading The Emancipation Proclamation? You note it only set slaves free in the states remaining in rebellion? Would it not occur to you that there were other states not in the Confederacy (well the 1860s era Confederacy rather than the earlier pre-constitutional Confederacy) that were slaveholding states?

Remember the Dred Scott particulars Bob?

Speaking of the NY Times rewrite of history

From the 'Do Ya Know Bob' file - Delaware flogged people clear up to 1952?

1952 wasn't it about when Joe Biden entered politics? Maybe not but he is a real ol' timer dude.

I live in Indiana, which was a free state, about 50 miles from where the "Konklave in Kokomo", the largest KKK rally in history took place:

No need to clue me in about American bigotry.

However, the "old saw" is true. After the Civil Rights Act passed there was a huge backlash. Republican leadership decided to take advantage of it with Pat Buchanan and Nixon's Southern strategy.

It's not subtle. In fact you might have noticed Trump lately claiming BLM wants to destroy "our" history and "our" country (everybody knows who he includes in "our") by tearing down Confederate monuments. He's also been outraged that NASCAR won't let the Confederate flag fly free anymore. He started his campaign claiming Mexicans are rapists and hasn't slowed down on ethnic resentment for a moment.

You think the Lincoln Project Republicans are RINOs and in a way you're right. They're part of the now split party. They're still great at politics, though:

Bob, history is history. Warts and all.

Timbo, too bad so many people can't admit that.

"Indiana Governor Noah Noble spoke with pride in December 1837 on how Indiana helped slaveholders recapture their escaped slaves. When Kentucky expressed displeasure at how some Hoosiers helped runaways, the Indiana legislature passed a resolution that stated acts by Northerners to interfere with the capture of runaways was "unpatriotic and injurious to the stability of the Union."

"In 1851 Indiana adopted a new constitution, and among its new clauses was one that prohibited blacks from immigrating to Indiana. The prohibition was intended to be a punishment to the slavery states. Like several other northern states, Indiana lawmakers believed the majority of free blacks were uneducated and ill-equipped to care for themselves. They believed since the South put them in that condition, they should be responsible for the "burden" of caring for them. This view, that the South should clean up its own mess, remained dominant even after the Civil War, and the clause in Indiana's constitution was not repealed until the 20th century."

Interesting Indianans of the period held the South "responsible" for putting the people Indianans were prohibiting from their state since, "US shipping owned by firms in Boston, New York, and Philadelphia, would leave US ports laden with cotton, indigo, tobacco, and grains, but then would not have substantial cargo to return with in a profitable way. So they would detour to the African coast or possibly through the Barbados of other West Indies to collect more profitable cargo."

On civil rights they've nearly completely traded places since the '60's.

The Republican DNA still stands by self-dependence and the supremacy of the individual over the state. Trump's tax cuts and swamp draining are today's physical presentation of that blueprint. The true cause of enlightenment is still as bold as the lady's green brass in New York harbour.

And the Democrat DNA stands by dependency and the supremacy of the state over the individual. Privileging pressure groups, state direction of the means of production and distribution, swamp filling fake jobs across health, education, social services, Washington and more, anything that will bring in the votes to get their pre-enlightenment power back in place. Re-elected tyranny.

At least in the US there is still one party of enlightenment. Try taking a look at Blighty right now. Blue, yellow and red socialists, a full house of tyranny to "choose" from complete with the neo-feudal public sector of fake jobs and merit defying privilege.

You are the last stand of the West, Uncle Sam. You must get the Don back in.


Gee Bob, I always thought "our" was an inclusive adjective. Silly me.


You're making my point for me. Indiana and other free states weren't free of bigotry. The Confederacy distinguished itself by secession, which was a political act far more reaching than bigotry. Confusing the two is a dodge.



"WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump signed an unprecedented $2.2 trillion economic rescue package into law after swift and near-unanimous action by Congress to support businesses, rush resources to overburdened health care providers and help struggling families during the deepening coronavirus epidemic."

Both parties are Keynesian and statist; usually just under different circumstances and to the benefit of different groups. As for Trump:

"Trump donors among early recipients of coronavirus loans"


You're deflecting. What evidence do you have Trump considers minorities equals in "our" history?

"I’m going to have to vote for something that has things in it that break my heart,” said conservative Rep. David Schweikert, R-Ariz.

Trump objected to efforts to establish congressional oversight of spending in the bill and said his administration “will continue the practice of treating provisions like these as advisory and non-binding.”

Republicans chided Democratic leaders for delays and provisions they see as extraneous, such as funding for public broadcasting and the arts

The run-up to the vote contained an element of drama because libertarian conservative Thomas Massie, R-Ky., announced plans to seek a roll call vote.

Yeah, Bob, you can really see those Keynesian sentiments bursting out of the Goppers alright, can't you?

The moment the V kicks in - which it likely will due to the Don's massive pre-Covid tax cut incentive ...

... all the "advisory and non-binding" instruments in the Covid splurge will go straight back in the treasury box. The Covid splurge is a confidence sleight-of-hand booster to keep the markets happy.

We just need that V to rise, Churchillian-like, before the eyes of the voters before they get to the ballot box. It's going to be a damn fine run thing.


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