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Wednesday, 22 July 2020


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So you are saying that during the night, you arise and "piddle" to the classics?

I had to look it up, but the piece is a symphonic poem and not actually a symphony:

It would be available in a collection with other short works such as:

Of course, 'Whiters', what else would you expect from an British gent like me?

Thanks for those links, Bob!

David, I sometimes nap in the afternoon with mp3 player buds in my ears. After listening to this piece I added a few discs' worth of Borodin files, thanks.

I enjoy listening to Classic Fm whilst making my tattie scones and bacon. Bob, I have been involuntarily napping lately. It is nice to be awake.


"Involuntarily napping"? I hope it's only boredom.

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