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Friday, 03 July 2020


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Once the UK troughers started making squillions out of membership, I realised that I'd never see anything of the cash, so might just as well support 'depart' soonest!

Scrobs is occasionally right in these matters.

Quite right, Scrobbers, always follow the money!

Shouldn't that sign read 'Bundeskaiserin?'

The only "UK troughers" making squillions out of EU membership were the ordinary Brits who'd never been so prosperous and free in their lives or in the whole history of Blighty.

If "follow the money" is your what you were after with Brexit, Gaffer, you've taken a wrong turn. Like the Labour treasury official who left the note saying "I'm afraid there is no money left" Blighty will be begging the IMF for a bailout like it did back in 1976 in due course.

The EU will fare better than Blighty precisely because it is NOT a centralised re-elected dictatorship like Blighty but a Confederacy of sovereign states each able to attend to its own Covid fallout problems.

In the same way the US will recover too, and very quickly, due to its federal multi-state architecture - aided and abetted by the Don's massive tax cuts a year or two back.

Like multiple pistons on a cam-shaft, if one goes in the EU or US the others can carry it. But with one stroke Blighty and a farcial circus like Dombo in charge the whole engine will seize up with no-one to carry us.


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