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Sunday, 26 July 2020


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Harry's spouse is dragging him all over Hollywood as a show piece she found in the "olde world". Pretty sad.

It must be difficult for Christians to accept Jesus was Jew. It did not stop them slaughtering Jews throughout history.

That's the problem for the fanatical Left in a Democracy, sooner or later they have to face the 'dreaded Peeps', at which point, they get a good, hard slap!

The fanatical left is already in charge of Blighty right now anyway.

The "dreaded Peeps" are no problem for the pols when the pols line up their ducks all blue, yellow, and red socialist. They all get their turn, and even in long term opposition life's a breeze.

Labour for example, MP's and councillors' jobs still get paid and union funding pays for a load more. Being in opposition is less hassle but the pay and perks are just the same. No wonder Labour doesn't mind being the 'protest party'.

The Tories are just the same in their interregnums from power. Lke Labour they trough the MP's salaries and perks with big business and oligarchs funding the rest instead of unions.

There's no slap to be dealt out in this over-extended, stitch-up democracy.

And even if there was, no-one would vote for a Libertarian low state / no state party. The blue, yellow and red socialists all agree that the state education and monopolised MSM propaganda industry being entirely Left Axis territory is right on the ball. The Peeps brainwashed faith in the state as the solution to everyone's problems is a no-brainer desirable for pols left, right and centre.

When Bob said recently that Libertarianism was impossible he is almost right. What he meant was, "It can't happen (with the above brainwashing and stitch-up status quo in place) even though it wins all the arguments". He misses out the bit in italics of course.

But also Bob ignores that what happens when the collapses come, like the 1970's for Blighty, and the Peeps themselves get a slap round the face, then Libertarianism gets its chance.

Libertarianism lives only in the vacuums and the accidental epochs. Nature abhors Liberty. Only in collapses, and the in the homeland in a peak of empire when the pols are off in the colonies, does Lady Liberty appear.

So when the next collapse comes, as it obviously will do in due course, screw British Leyland, Steel, Coal, Rail. This time GO FOR EDUCATION AND THE MEDIA FIRST, Maggie II!

That way your legacy will endure without having to throw it to foreigners to uphold - as the original Maggie did when she gifted Brussels with the single market on her demise.

And maybe, maybe, Lady Liberty might endure.

After all, nature doesn't actually abhor a vacuum.


I'm sorry to say, SoD, that I have difficulty recognising the country you describe and in which I live!

The Labor [that's how they spell it] Party up** here in Oz is becoming progressively more anti-Semitic with it being steadily coming under the influence of the far left and a rising Islamic membership in many branches of the party. They of course say they are not anti-Semitic just anti-Israel.

The old Labor members would be turning in their graves as the party was once outspoken in its support for Israel.

** I have decided the term Down Under is no longer applicable as I have seen no plausible argument that in this wide universe there is such a thing as up or down in relation to the location and orientation of stars and planets.

AussieD, the left here in the US is reverting to anti Semitism as well, and fast. They are returning to the old ways. Writers are calling it the Corbynization of the Democrat party.

"I wonder how they deal with the fact that Karl Marx was Jewish?"
Never let the facts get in the way of good propaganda.

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