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Sunday, 05 July 2020


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Sorry David, but some bureaucrat accidently killing a boy doesn't have the "lifestyles of the rich and famous" aspect we demand in a pop news story. That also explains why the wife of a rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, and fashion designer is a great candidate to run against a pretend mogul, writer and game show host.

Can’t read the Speccie, but I recall one pilot saying that by the time the Douglas Bader sponsored Big Wing had formed up, the Germans were back in their bases, eating wurst and drinking bier.

There are things that stretch belief. Lewis Hamilton is one of the most successful sportsmen around and all he can do is moan about racial prejudice. I would recommend that he grow a pair, which is obviously very bad advice as he races F1. Something else then.

I wonder if Lewis meant black lives matter too...or the Black Lives Matter quasi Marxist front group? Two different things.

5.6.20? Are you sure?

See, Andra, it's like I keep telling y'all, I am now officially a confused 'old geezer'!

I agree with Timbo.

Everything I have read about the battle of Britain consigns the Big Wing concept to the dustbin of failed ideas.

Too long to form up to be of tactical use.

Worth a read folks

AussieD, I read the write up about the Clive Hamilton book. Pretty timely and eye opening.

Not certain if Hamilton's (white) mother is still alive but, if so, she must be really pleased that her son considers his (black) father's life matters more than hers!
Apparently, someone who knew him when he started off in go karts, there were others better and faster than he was, but he was given special treatment because he was the only black kid in the group. Surprised (not) that he has mentioned black privilege.
Would respect this over paid Uber driver more if he protested outside the embassies of those countries where black people are still held as slaves. He could start with Libya, go on to Somalia, with a quick stop at Saudi Arabia or Qatar afterwards.

Add Mauritania, Africa to the group.

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