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Friday, 03 July 2020


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"Set Your People Free!"
The most terrifying words a still free people can tell their government.

Just when things were starting to look up down here in the glorious peoples socialist islamic state of Victotiastan we have been hit by a second wave of Wuflu thanks to the slack approach to quarantine requirements placed on returning travellers. Beloved Leader Dictator Dan has placed lockdown provisions on complete suburbs by applying the lockdown by post code. Never mind all the people and businesses in those post codes doing the right thing the gummint has just blanket banned on the basis of you are living in this postcode so you are a risk.

Police check points have been established checking people moving into or out of the postcode to ensure compliance with the diktat of our glorious leader.

Rope, lamp post, opportunity is required.

The Oz I knew and served has gone and I suspect never to return

AussieD, it’s amazing how quickly and smoothly we went to, “for you the var is over”.

Gaffer, I wish it would be so.

But in our heart of hearts we know it ain't gonna happen.

OzD, if you can lockdown by postcode or by test, track and trace of individual chains of transmission then it demonstrates a competence that is sorely to be wished for and severely lacking in Blighty.

As a Libertarian there are few collective state actions I endorse, and those I do are normally for the destruction of power, not the assertion of it. Like antitrust laws to prevent monopolies and cartels, policing to stop gang and criminal power, and the armed services to prevent external powers invading.

But a pandemic is one I add to the list too.

But the mitigation to preserve freedom is that the collective action should be decentralised and open to competition for its delivery, both to foster competence and stay as close to a free society as possible.

This thing is a power of its own, an invader, it doesn't play by the constitution and law of the land, and IMHO is therefore a valid target for collective power to limber into action.

It is no surprise that the greatest fumblers with something like Covid have been the more Libertarian at heart countries. But Oz, NZ and many of the Euros have hacked it alright. I just wish Dombo would stop this British exceptionalism and centralist socialist crap and just grab the patterns and practices of success from Johnny Foreigner and the non-state sector and "Get Covid done".

How is "global Britain" going to fare with this as a prelude and taster?


I have been wondering how we will ever be able to explain to today's youngsters - how governments around the world, shut down all businesses and travel, quarantined healthy populations - decimated their economies, for a flu virus that has been linked to less than 1% of annual global deaths.

(Annually, 57+ million people die worldwide.)

I am continually astounded that so few people are questioning the official narrative nonsense that this was the only option on the table.

It's "Saving Private Ryan", Ingrid. That's what we do these days.

It's just some do it better than others, and some never learn how to do it properly.


Ingrid old thing I assume you have not been in the hospitals watching the dead bodies being evacuated to be burned and buried. It was a disease that the WHO failed miserably to advise on.

No Glesga old thing, you don't get away with trying to use the guilt card of dead bodies blah, blah, it's quite tiresome!
I have seen reports of children admitted to hospital with malnutrition and rural women weeping with relief when charities deliver basic food parcels.

The irrational economic shutdowns were a direct result of hysterical malignant media channels and their Fear porn combined with their...gasp, gasp... daily DeathMeter.

"malignant media channels and their Fear porn combined with their...gasp, gasp... daily DeathMeter."

So true! These same people have been so successful and surprised at just how easy it was to collapse the economy and hand those in government even more power...that they might just try it again someday. Our societies have been divided into two camps: Risk tolerant vs Zero Risk.

Ingrid, welcome to D&N.

Thanks David- always enjoy your blog ... never commented before but have had many sleepless nights worrying about the economic devastation to the population in my country...the impacts of which have not even struck home yet.

Some are figuring it out at last:

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