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Friday, 10 July 2020


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A lot of people are at their last nerve over this abuse of power. We don't suspend our Bill of Rights for a virus and neither do you. Disregard these rules. Your 'betters' do it with impunity.

I went to the local Morrisons today: I was pleased to see it had had a makeover as the previous claustrophobic style was one reason I usually avoid the place ( and Sainsburys for the same reason). There was no queue, free flowing traffic on all the aisles I visited and the few staff ladies I dealt with were, as always, happy, pleasant and efficient.

We have friends who own a bar near Phoenix, Arizona. Arizona is one of our states that decided it had enough of quarantine and social distancing and reopened. Our friends have had three of their regular customers die of COVID-19 in the past 3 weeks. At that rate they'll run out of regulars in three or four months.

On that note, I'm off down the Battle Cruiser for a skin full. I quite fancy getting into a fight. So I'm with your vibe on this one, Gaffer.


Bob..some context required....appreciate an update

Yeah Bob like any co-morbidities, age range, maybe some "drink problems"?

Bob, is it worth living if we remain locked up listening to all the experts who seem to disagree with each other?

Sorry, I don't know the medical histories. Since they were regulars there's a good chance they were heavy drinkers. I'll let y'all know when another one bites it.

Glesga, you can only answer that for yourself. I can tell you getting covid feels like being run over by a bus, and a lot of guys our age end up taking a dirt nap. Good luck.

Bob,I hope you get over the bus. And good luck. Keep posting.

David, try not to get nicked before your lunch tomorrow! A cold chill will come over your house if you do.

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