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Thursday, 23 July 2020


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In Re: Ve Haff Veys, Loz

I'm pretty sure I've uncovered Bob's primary pseudonym - Jill Lepore - which, given a bunch of stuff Bob's asserted on D&N does seem to likewise fit the bill:


Recall the example of Bob's "fact checking" included just the very few days ago:

What Trump Said

“The murder rate in Baltimore and Chicago is higher than El Salvador, Guatemala, or even Afghanistan.”

This Is False

Baltimore and Chicago do have higher murder rates than Guatemala and Afghanistan, but El Salvador’s is higher. Regardless, comparing the crime rates of cities to entire countries is misleading.


Appears Bob's SOP to me.

Between the German High Court and the smoke and mirrors money tricks of the EU, this whole contrived "crisis" seems to be only theater. Everyone can now go on holiday.

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