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Wednesday, 29 July 2020


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David, you "skiving"? Surely not!

Can you not raise just enough energy for funnies? Maybe not every Monday, but every now and again?
I know the world at large is in a funny state, but even the Babylon Bee is more to the truth than satire.
Why is SOD so long winded? I asked my daughter this morning why did she have to react in such extremes, and she replied, "Who do you think I got it from?". Surely not me. I don't see SOD getting it from you either.

Missred, you notice The Bee too? A satire site that has the NY Times squarely in its sights. The Bee does good work.

I got it all from him, Missred!

In his day, before age and infirmity took away half his brain, he had a Libertarian lashing for everyone with the cyclic rate of an MG42.


If he is using only half his brain, you would do well to emulate the gaffer.

Touche Missred!


That ther'un Missred is as we'uns'd say here'n hillbillianese 'is a goodern!'

Take thet to heart Lawrence.

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