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Wednesday, 08 July 2020


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Very very smart digs indeed. For my first outing I choose something a bit more casual but the food is fabulous.

How was the outing with the missus?

Outing, Whiters, what outing?

Oops! My bad! wrong day, I have to quit using this damned Russian calendar.

Enjoy the outing Duffers.

Here in the Socialist Peoples Republic of Melbournistan we have been locked down for another six weeks. The adjoining States to Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia, have shut their borders to us as well.

Our "beloved Premier", Abdul bin Andrews, made an almighty stuff up with quarantining returning travellers and selective enforcement of social distancing and so we are back to square one.

That SoD of yours is good.
Your wife must be the brainy one.
Never mind, maybe SoD gets his looks from you.
Welcome back, anyway.

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