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Saturday, 08 August 2020


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Hang in there Jimmy, you'll be a Gentleman yet!

No worries, Jimmy, you're in! ...

Virtus sola Nobilitat

Translates to "Virtue alone confers Nobility".

That must have been quite "out there" in feudal times, don't you think? I mean, a few raised eyebrows and mutterings amongst the the nobs when Sir Richard Caddell stood up and announced that one at his knighthood ceremonial knees up, "Errr, has Richie dahling lost his marbles? I thought it was all supposed to be about breeding and birthright?"

Could you get a more Libertarian motto than that?

This is getting spookier by the minute.


SoD, if he reads about this, well, there will be no living with him at home!

The Nolan chart has an "X" through it. Over here that signifies "no" or "don't". You might have some trouble on this side of the Atlantic.

Whitewall, Sua Tela Tonanti. To a Warrior his Arms. Royal Army Ordnance Corps. The NRA should adopt it!

The Nolan chart has an "X" through it.

Nope, that's a fret, Bob.


"Bend sinister mascle Harrington knot fretty field Sable fret Or Sable fretty Or." Is that a spell from a Harry Potter book? Take my word for it, Americans will think it's an "X".

Thanks for the reference JK. Fraser is one of my favourite authors. I'll have to seek out the book.

And thank you AussieD for the Jutland piece, learned some valuable stuff. Changed my perspective.

What are you lot on?????!

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