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Monday, 10 August 2020


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The bitch makes my flesh crawl and "sorry" isn't in her egocentric vocabulary.

The SNP do not care about failures in education policy or potential economic collapse. They are only interested in breaking the Union. That is their one and only ambition. They blame the English for everything and will continue to blame the English for their failures even if they achieved independence.

It's tough for politicians, because they have just been found out. For years, grades have been manipulated in order to give the required number of passes to fill the universities. Just over a decade ago, Blair decided that 50% of the population needed to have a degree. Money was thrown at "leisure management" courses and "media studies", etc., and the numbers swelled.

Now, what do you think the chances would be of an accurate and unchanging standard being applied in exams every year, which led to all those expanding courses being filled, and never having to make university lecturers redundant?

In fact, each year the "grade boundaries" are manipulated by the award bodies and exam boards. So one year, 70% would get you a grade A, but the next year it would be 65%. And, of course, there is further instruction for the examiners on what constitutes that 65%!

A friend of mine taught Chemistry A level for years. Chemistry is an easy subject for making comparisons over time; right answers stay right, so you can see how many marks are given for them. He said that answers that just about got you thorough the old "O" Level that he took were now counted as Grade A at "A" Level.

The teachers making up grades just means that the whole process has now been rumbled.

Teachers do not wish to be exposed as failures for pupil low grades.
It is more about the teacher than the pupil.

Never mind the education, concentrate on the indoctrination.

"Give us the child for 8 years and it will be a Bolshevik forever."
They are winning.

Wee Nippie very subtly dropped her Deputy in the poo.
She is a lawyer and can do the "Brutus is an honourable man" act with poison tipped sgian-dubh at the ready.
Yes she apologised but she and everybody else knew that she was just putting the Education minister in an invidious position. It was the Scottish Qualification Authority who cocked up.
By giving everyone prizes the authorities have just shown that the last three months of the school year are not necessary.
Just shut up shop in March and print the certificates.
Let the further education establishments and employers deal with these incompletely educated students.
Or maybe they will just agree that all shall have prizes.

What y'all just said (for a change!)


Forsooth yon David,

Tis some bit of mirth to ye!

G'day JK

That's a pearler.


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