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Wednesday, 26 August 2020


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You're still a little off your game, David. As a fellow troll you should give credit for the most effective thing Trump has done; relentlessly troll libtards. It's why his fans love him.

In other news, the character from Ingmar Bergman's The Seventh Seal, AKA Death, is rumored to be a surprise speaker at the Republican convention tonight. He'll explain how the GOP is the real Big Tent Party.

Trump's accomplishments - some big, some little. Pretty much all of them ignored by the 4th Estate.

"Donald does nothing much but does it very well by providing some unintentional humour with it."

Well Missred, David, reckon that vaunted 4th Estate will ignore that?

Incidentally David, thanks for getting off your, er, duff!

back into that den of thieves aka the EU!

That's a bit cryptic. I thought Britain had quit the EU

JK, looks like a hurricane is heading for Arkansas. Prepare to shelter. Good luck.

Thanks Whitewall but our concerns should probably be for those about 220 miles south of myself. I'm as the crow flies, a mere nine miles south of Missouri. All the satellites - and past experience - informs me that while Laura will most likely hang together at hurricane strength just into extreme south Arkansas the presence of upper level westerlies between there and Little Rock should swiftly degrade the bitch to at most tropical storm like conditions.

Still I expect we'll probably get in the neighborhood of 2 inches of rain, and probably some gusting to maybe 40 knots. But even then my locale should benefit because we've had an open burning ban on for three weeks. Heck I've been flaking my hoses betwixt my termaters and Her Ladyship's wasters-of-time (flowers) daily for near dadgone a week!

Now the folks near me down on the riverbottoms and creeks may have some unkind things to say about that much rain in so little time ...

Missred's link is interesting in two ways: -

Firstly, it makes you realise that in trying to get the state to do less the state has to do something, paradoxical though that might be (Godel?).

Revocation of authoritarian anti-life regulations is itself state action, so is denationalisation, tax cutting et al.

To do the positive you have to do two negatives. Like Godel's reliance on the famous liar's paradox "this sentence is false" for his incompleteness theorems that proved that truth and form exist that cannot be proved and formulated in a logical system: if it is true that the sentence is false then the sentence is true, which is false per the sentence statement "this sentence is false". Both true and false then, oscillating, a paradox.

Life affirming, Liberty embracing outcomes do actually require state action: action to destroy state action! A paradox of virtue.

Secondly then, where is DomBo Blighty's equivalent list of life affirming, Liberty embracing "state actions to destroy state actions"?

The destruction of the single market and the four freedoms? The very construction designed to fill the gap in Blighty's constitution to protect individual Liberty and life from the state? Errr, no.

A massive pre-Covid planned expansion of the state to brown-nose the "red wall"? Errr, no.

A massive expansion of the state as a reaction to Covid? Errr, no.

And the rest a vast "do nothing" void of laziness and inaction that leaves health, social services, education and the media in the control of the state.

What then? What's on that list of "negate the state" goodies? Nothing, is the answer. There is no list of life affirming, Liberty embracing state negations in DomBo polity.

The Don is a true "do nothing" Libertarian in the paradoxical "act to end state action" sense. And DomBo is a true "do something" statist in the linear "act to expand state action" sense.

The Don and DomBo are chalk and cheese.


The one lesson to be learnt from the last decade is that nothing will change. For instance, last year we imported 85 thousand extra people than we did the year before. Do we need 85K more people? No we don't. Does that matter - not to our rulers. Did National Health England fail? Yes. So "they" are going to change the name.

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