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Thursday, 27 August 2020


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He will. We have a two front war going on now. Communists in Asia and communists in America.

The CCP are currently trying to bully us down here in Oz.

Our Federal Government called them out on the origin of the WuFlu which upset their delicate sensibilities. In consequence they are cancelling contracts which were in place for the supply of various commodities from us.

The Feds have not caved in and are currently in the process of getting various government supported agencies, such as the universities, to explain their various funding agreements with the Chinese. If there is considered to be undue influence from the Chinese then the agreements will be nullified by the Feds.

Here in the Peoples Democratic Caliphate of Danistan [formerly the State of Victoria] the Premier, a far left idealogue, signed up to the Belt and Roads Initiative with the CCP but has refused to say what he has agreed to.

The Prime Minister has told him bluntly that such matters are the province of the Federal Government and the contract will be terminated.

Hopefully that, and his abysmal handling of the WuFlu, epidemic will see the current State Government voted out at the next election.

Unfortunately that is two years away and the proles have short memories.

The sum total is, however, our Federal Government is telling the Chinese they will not be intimidated and has sent naval assets to join the cousins in any exercise of maintaining freedom of navigation.

If Trump loses a second term it's going to be because his campaign is so over the top anyone with sense is insulted. Using the White House and Marines as props in a reality show with fireworks spelling out a campaign ad and more flags than anyone could count was surreally tacky. No one takes him or his foreign "policies" seriously. He's the first US president to be publicly laughed at and disrespected by other world leaders:


I think you grossly underestimate the number of people who, after three years of Democrats doing everything they could to hound this man out of office, while spitting on the American nation's history, traditional values, and even "whiteness" itself, looked at this triumphant display of a fighting spirit unbowed, pumped their fists in the air, and said "Hell yes!"

"Tacky", you say? Tacky" is nothing compared to what normal Americans see happening in Democrat cities, and in the schools and media. There'a a war on against people like them, and all they believe in, and they know it. Flamboyant partisan displays to rouse the heart in such times are not only effective, but welcome. They gladden the heart, and stiffen our resolve. (Just go look at some of the movies and posters and newsreels the U.S. government put out during World War II.)

I understand, of course, that watching such a thing is no fun for those of you on the other side in this war. My sympathies. But if you think all of this is somehow, objectively insulting to anyone with "common sense", you have a lot to learn about war-fighting, and about human nature.

Perhaps all this doesn't seem like a "war" to you, but rather just a nuisance, an irritation, just a pesky little jacquerie, soon to be put down. (Such is the confidence of overweening power long enjoyed.) I can assure you, though, that to scores of millions of us it is very much a war, a sustained and withering assault on the foundations of the American nation, and we are now resolved to "go not gently".

So if those of you on the other side of this existential struggle didn't like the fireworks, all I can say is: mission accomplished.


Perhaps abit over the top on judging Bob's aversion to fireworks.

He's perfectly fine with 'em so long as their use is confined to the streets of Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis/St. Paul, St. Louis, Kenosha, and etc. It's the "utilitarian" in Bob coming out.

Now perhaps Bob's saying Trump was "the first President publicly laughed and disrespected at" was abit over the top too. He's probably just forgot about George Washington and James Madison and several others as I recall.

It's simply that, where Bob's concerned Trump gets his goat.

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