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Friday, 28 August 2020


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It's a very square dance when it comes to the battle lines.

Blighty and Uncle Sam need to support Dirty Erdy in his excellent role canon-foddering the Hairies into battle against Vlad, Assad and the Mad Mullahs. But Greece is the grandaddy of us all, support from us is de facto.

And Vlad needs to not provoke Dirty Erdy so he doesn't up the ante with his Hairies, so Vlad can't throw his lot in with the Greeks, with whom he shares the orthodox thing and has influence and is therefore a de facto supporter, either.

And the EU wants to bash Dirty Erdy with sanctions, but the EU's engine-room, Germany, is full of cheap Turks working the production lines and Mutti don't wanna upset Dirty Erdy who could cause all sorts of trouble in the Fatherland.

It's a beaut! Makes the three body problem in physics look trivial!


Just another small move in the latest version of Islamic versus Western Civilisation. If we don't make clear our support for the Greeks this will quickly go the way of Constantinople.

Yeah, but Stewy, the Islamic world is fighting itself in Syria while the Don holds their coats: Dirty Erdy and the Hairies vs Assad and the Mad Mullahs (with Vlad in support). We don't want anything to disturb that self-immolation, do we?

So let's not up the Greeks too much, eh? They need to keep their powder dry while Dirty Erdy and his oppos reduce radical Islam of both persuasions to a fine-grain rubble.

Then step in and plant the flag on whatever's left.

That said, the Don needs to start rolling the grenades in Syria again and keep the party going. It's gone mighty quiet, which is of course why Dirty Erdy has turned his attention elsewhere. Notice how Vlad's mob have started sharpening their elbows with Old Hickory too, ramming that vehicle and injuring four US soldiers. Next the Mad Mullahs will start looking for trouble elsewhere as well.

C'mon the Don, ding-ding round two, get them out of their corners!


Loz, we should concern ourselves with the mad mullahs in the UK who have gone to ground temporarily.

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