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Wednesday, 12 August 2020


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David, you hang in there! Really, it's not that hot.

On the Wirral it has rained for maybe 5 out of seven days since june 1st.

David, there's no such thing as your being too warm. The idea of being too warm was invented by a conspiracy of dunces.

Bob, that is a memory, dunce, having to stand behind the blackboard facing the wall.


I spent some hours the same way. The phrase is from one of the better things to come out of our South:

Well David I'm pretty sure I've found the cure for you "melting".

Now it's my fervent hope all that product finds its way to the overseas market rather than my grocery store aisles.

(Glesga Heads Up!)

Good Lord! I just returned from the gym and am just about to devour lunch....

The hell you say Whitewall, the boxes have printed on 'em

Made With Pride in North Carolina USA.

(For some odd reason sheep are banned by law in Arkansas. Live ones anyway.)

NC huh? Well, there's a boat load of Scottish here from the coast to the farthest western mountains. Lots of sheep too.

Aussies know how to make fun of identity politics:

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