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Friday, 07 August 2020


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Glad to see you've beaten the ennui enough to call your neighbors names, David.

nationalist rascals who will quickly sell out to Brussels

Mmm. You can get used to Brexiteers contradicting themselves - single market no good (EU) / single market good (UK); EU a sovereignty and control problem (before Covid) / EU powerless and lacking control problem (during Covid). But with this one Gaffer, bloody hell, literally in the same sentence!

And watch out: the Remainer majority is on the up-and-up! ...

It comes as the latest polling taken at the end of July reveals 47% think that the UK was wrong to vote to Leave, compared to 41% who think it was right (down one point), with 13% saying they did not know.

Excluding the ‘don’t knows’ this is a gap of 53% to 47%.

YouGov also found if a second referendum was held tomorrow that Remain would receive 44% of support (up two points) and Leave would get 40% of the support (down one point).

So much for the Brexiteer "It's the 'will of the people', init?" argument - we can add that to the heap of inconsistencies too.


It's not hard to imagine how a true believing right winger might be discouraged lately. On the European side of the pond, Brexit certainly seems to be a shit show:

Over here The Don (I like that more all the time, SoD) is in an epic state of mental and political breakdown. Not only is he far behind in the polls (admittedly it means more to him than anyone else), but his financial dealings are coming into the light despite trying to scurry away like the cockroaches he made them with.

Our lack of a national response to covid has made us one of the two most backward countries on the planet along with Brazil, and we're on track to have 300,000 deaths by December. Chaos rules in local government, health care, sports, education, and nearly everywhere else in American society. Ignoring it all and claiming it's just going to "go away" doesn't seem to be working, to the surprise of no one sane.

To top it off, the NRA has been caught ripping off its devotees. Even the National Review is hand wringing:

"To say that the corruption case is pretextual is not to say that it is made up out of whole cloth. The NRA, once the most effective organization of its kind, has indeed been mired in incompetent leadership and financial mismanagement for years. Its evolution from sporting club and canny Second Amendment advocate to full-service culture-war outfit has done no favors either for the organization itself or, more important, for the cause to which it purports to be committed. As much as we share the group’s commitment to the Bill of Rights, we would not be entirely surprised if actionable financial wrongdoing were uncovered."

Not be entirely surprised. That's the most hilariously euphemistic trash I've seen in a long time. The NYAG has got the goods on NRA officials and they know it. All the NR and NRA can do is helplessly call names and claim partisanship like whiny apparatchik bitches.

Despite the demands of the right, the world still hasn't stopped turning.

Sorry SoD, forgot to close italics after the word "surprised".

Maybe this works.

Good to see you back on deck Duffers.

David, my parents were born in Scotland well over a century now. Their parents were a mish mash of English and Irish. My dad's lot were Hugeanots who managed to get safety in Ireland. I had two Irish grandfathers one English granny and one Scottish granny. They worked hard and brought up large families. They did not have time to moan like the present bunch of middle class arse holes who play the blame game as a political card mainly against the English. Moaning is an occupation for them. Their anti English hatred is obvious as they want to be a very very small entity run by the EU.

So you're basically French then Glezza!

Vive la France!

Mind you, so am I on the little Memsahib's side. Her lot came over with the Normans, so really second generation Vikings mixed with Froggies. It was a bit after 1066 - wouldn't want to get too close to any actual fighting of course! By then there weren't enough manors left to steal from the defeated English feudals, so the ancestor went over to Ireland with Strongbow to nick a pad off the Paddies. He got Galway for his troubles.

So we better get our "Settled Status" forms filled out before 31st December or we'll be on the first boat home!


By George and all the Saints, Glezza, you've got me on to something!

See next post!


Loz, I do not mind either Frog or Paddy land as long as I get my pension sent in the local currency. My first visit to France was in the Summer of 69 with my pals. We got one of those ten bob passports from the PO. In Calais a full English breakfast cost two and a tanner, a pint of Watney Red was two and thruppence.

"Our lack of a national response to covid"?

Oh we had a national response Bob; you notice our economy got shut down (well except for everybody and his brother and/or sister in the "public servant" [now there's a laugh] sector).

"and we're on track to have 300,000 deaths by December."

Hold on a minute Bob, I'm old enough to remember back in March you guys was telling us we "are on track to have 2.2 million deaths by June."

Moving the goalposts again old boy?

"A national policy" is what we need Bob?


Hotspot snotspot Bob.


Setting no standards at the national level means the states are doing different things at different times. That amounts to areas of the country just passing covid back and forth.

I'll explain again, and this time I'll type more slowly. Projections are based only on the best information available at the time. They're always subject to change. Science hasn't yet found a way to see into the future. Over time, models become better, but they're never accurate knowledge of the future.

No comment on the NRA? I mentioned it just to bait you.

Bob & JK, The year 2020 and maybe 2021 will be remembered for useless politicians and so called experts cashing in on the Covid 19 virus death rates. I turn the TV channel over now when one appears. Stay safe and stocked up in booze guys. It is a pity Bob that Charlton Heston is not around now to part the waters.

Glesga, affirmative on booze, but frankly the Heston at the end of Planet of the Apes fits the times better. You might want to skip the first minute:

"No comment on the NRA? I mentioned it just to bait you."?

Well Bob you'll have to try another tack. My NRA Lifetime Membership was cancelled about six months ago.

That post you'll notice is dated back in May. Something you're likely not to have noticed is there's been growing disgust and a widespread likewise cancellations of memberships going on beginning about a month prior my my own, individual, cancellation.

Pity really that the NYAG took so long.

Fortunately the NRA is far far from being the only game in town.

"I'll explain again, and this time I'll type more slowly. Projections are based only on the best information available at the time. They're always subject to change. Science hasn't yet found a way to see into the future. Over time, models become better, but they're never accurate knowledge of the future."

Oh goody Bob I like that. Especially this bit, "Over time, models become better, but they're never accurate knowledge of the future."

Ordinarily I might've responded with a hearty 'Watts up with that?' but somebody already beat me to it.

There Bob, a tit for tat.

Should anybody not Bob happen by but can't get the video to play, some reporter at some sort of "gathering" Trump was speaking at asked Trump, "What with this, no social distancing and no masks, how in the world can you Big Bad Orange Man possibly expect us media people to report this in a favorable light?!!!"

President Trump responds, "Simple. We're not having a rally we're having a peaceful protest."

By the way Bob, I didn't cancel my membership because of the payola allegations per se rather, I cancelled because rumors were afoot that Joe Biden was lobbying to get Hunter Biden on the NRA's board of directors. And given his past successes advancing family interests ...

Yo Bob?

I realize that sometimes I may come across to you as "lawyerly" but the plain fact of the matter is though I've done some stuff for remuneration for lawyers, and owing to the sorts of stuff I did I had to know "some stuff" owing to the fact that what "some few" of the aforementioned lawyers asked me to do seemed a little - well to be more precise, sometimes more than a little, shady.

And so for me, as becoming a convicted person didn't seem to be a wise career enhancer I decided to pursue some studying.

One subject I did not bother with however was Rules of Evidence Rules of Evidence Gathering, sure I did some of that but not the former.

Anyway to make a long story short - push that up to about the 29:00 minute mark (some context is useful) then listen for maybe ten minutes. Humor me Bob. Pretty please?

No matter how partisan (or not) you consider that McCarthy fellow it's undeniable he was a qualified federal solicitor for the state of New York and thus, schooled in the Rules of Evidence.


Congratulations for realizing you were being ripped off before it became big news, but, actually, I wouldn't expect less.

I listened to the 10 minutes of podcast but know nearly nothing about law. Reading more than two sentences of legalese gives me a headache. So all I can do is look at other sources. Do you know that the court isn't concentrating on the reassignment issue, but "the wording of the order leaves this open to question"?


Yeah after I'd posted that final bit I thought I should've been more inclusive on the specifics of what I didn't bother with. So add to the Rules bit & Procedure. My thinking at the time being 'if anybody's gonna get in trouble for any evidence introduced I'm gonna make damn sure it's the lawyer but not me.' Back then you probably remember phonelines were copper and readily accessible so the only real problem was whether a party not particularly having a "real interest" in a dispute at issue was gonna, nevertheless, find himself charged wwith either simple trespass or criminal trespass.

There were some other means at the investigator's disposal but that one was the only one (well close to 'only') that might cause a feller to have something other than restful sleep.

Regarding specifically In Re Flynn my instincts inform me Procedure is gonna be a biggie if only because there's a higher court still than DC Circuit and its Chief's opinions have, to my knowledge, kept to precedent and I don't think the DC Court would much relish getting reversed on such a rookie procedural matter. But I suppose we shall see.

Her Ladyship disputed my saying it was only 'six months ago I cancelled' so I got into my records only to find she was correct - I cancelled my Lifetime Membership back in 2014 (for why I cannot exactly recall) but then did a couple annuals on two occasions but on the one this most recent six months ago I included a nasty letter.

Sent certified return receipt requested.

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